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The Democratic Party violates the Noahide Laws. A glimpse of the implications of Voting for Hillary

A central tenet of all Western, Judaic-derived religions, is the belief that all humanity will eventually stand before the Creator to be judged.

Biblical terms such as “Oath”, “Testament”, or “Law”, all imply that ancient man forged a dynamic contract with the Creator that remains eternally binding.

Furthermore, since He owns this universe, and is not time-limited, there is no escape from judgment, even in death.

Theologians accept that the Seven Laws given to Noah after the flood are perpetually in effect.

The perpetuity of this tradition is its appearance throughout biblical sources such as the Talmud and Midrash.

Reference to the Seven Laws given to Noah is discussed in the Talmud: That early man abided by a Divine Oath of Sacred Laws can be found in ancient Hindu scripture, dating back prior to the Commandments given to Moses at Sinai.

One such script is found in ancient Hindu Manuscripts, -The Upanishads, which agrees that “The Law” is a fundamental template in the creation of the Universe:

“He created the most excellent Law (dharma). Law is the power of powers; therefore, there is nothing higher than the Law. Thereby even a weak man overpowers the stronger, as if receiving the help of the King”. (Robert O. Ballou, Editor, The Bible of the World. Viking Press, New York, 1939, page 41)

Theologians accept that the Seven Laws given to Noah after the flood are perpetually in effect.

The perpetuity of this tradition is its appearance throughout biblical sources such as the Talmud and Midrash.

Theologians, in general, agree that the seven categories of Noahide Law not only maintain civilization, but also demonstrate “obedience to a Creator”.

It therefore behooves ethicists of all denominations to disseminate these seven Noahide laws.

In 1928, Philip Biberfeld published a book listing the Noahide laws according to their serial arrangement in the Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 56 a (“The Bible and the Ancient Code Laws” –appendix, Universal Jewish History, New York, Spero Foundation, 1948):

  1. Justice:  There is an imperative to enforce all forms of social justice, and a prohibition against the miscarriage of justice.
  2. Blasphemy:  The prohibition against speaking about G-d in a disrespectful or profane way.
  3. Idolatry:  Prohibits worshiping idols, monuments, or celestial bodies
  4. Illicit Intercourse: The prohibition against unnatural sexual behavior or incest.
  5. Homicide: The prohibition against extrajudicial killing a non-combatant
  6. Theft: The prohibition against taking another`s possessions.
  7. The prohibition of removing or eating the flesh or limb of a living animal eating the flesh of a living animal).

In conclusion, centuries of discussion regarding the Seven Noahide Laws appear to impose on all of mankind an eternal moral code of truth based on antiquity

  • Have sources in the Midrash and Talmud
  • Constitute an enduring legal and moral authority on all mankind
  • Provide a legitimate reference for international Law


Maimonides explains that at the end of days “The Supreme King will reveal His Presence which will become as apparent as the water fills the oceans”.

In my Tri-Tripartite Theory of Trauma, I refer to a “caretaker” as any individual (e.g., a parent), civilian organization (e.g., “Child Protective Services”), governmental bureau or authorized agency. In many instances, as illustrated in various chapters, the caretaker becomes the predator. This happens most often in domestic settings, when a parent abuses his or her child, and evidence emerges that the Caretaker colluded with the predator, mysteriously absent, or (from the victim’s perspective), “should have known”.

The Tripartite Theory also applies to a multiple to multiple instances involving political terrorism. What I encourage the reader to examine not only the psychological damage of trauma to the victim, but also the relationships between the caretaker and perpetrator, as well as the too-frequent failures of civilian governmental agencies (such as the Department of Health; and the Dept. of Food and Agriculture).

The recent discovery of close partnerships between large for-profit corporate manufactures and their government-regulators including the Pharmaceutical industry by-passes the checks-and-balances that normally empower the civilian population to monitor doses and ingredients of their food-products and water supplies.

A government, in addition to its responsibility to its citizens in its Caretaker responsibilities, is also responsible for governance, via Courts of Justice.  In addition to its Constitutional obligations to protect the civil-rights, autonomy, and sense of safety of its civilians, it`s inclusion in the Seven Noahide Laws, confers a Biblical obligation.

According to Maimonides, there are twenty Laws enumerated from the total list of Six Hundred and Thirteen Laws in the Torah that fall under the Noahide obligation of “Justice”.

I will list several that are pertinent to the current Democratic template; and, more-specifically, to the Clintons, both individually, as well as their Foundation.

If correct, the anecdotes that I will raise, show a willful disregard of the Rule of Law by these standards.

The Laws will be listed, together with those items that form an integral part of stated policies and factual behaviors that clearly violate one of the Seven Noahide Laws.

I will begin with some examples of imperatives enumerated by the Torah that meet the requirements of the Laws of Noah on Justice.

Their violation of Torah Law would religiously prohibit anyone from providing them any form of support: from financial, to empowering or validating them. Any individual or organization that supports a government that explicitly violates any of these Laws, is a crime in the eyes of God, for which they lose their place in the World to Come.

  • The requirement to treat litigants equally before the Law (Positive Mitzvah 176)
  • To inquire diligently into the testimony of a witness (Positive Mitzvah 179)
  • The wanton miscarriage of Justice by the court (Negative Mitzvah 273)
  • A judge accepting a bribe or gift from a litigant (Negative Mitzvah 274)
  • The judge showing marks of honor to but one of the litigants (Negative Mitzvah 275)
  • Against the Judge acting out of fear or under threat of a litigant`s threats (Negative Mitzvah 276)

The Lubavitcher Rebbe consistently articulated the obligation to support the party or candidate in a political election whose ideology was consistent with the ways of the Torah, and the Noahide Laws.

Since the platform of the current Democratic party promotes values that clearly violate the Noahide Laws, Torah prohibits both Gentile and Jew from electing any candidate, of any religion representing this party, since it clearly violates the Laws of Noah, Moses, the prophets, our sages, and our Master Maimonides.

I will bring three examples:

“Thou shalt not kill”.  Late-Trimester abortions not performed to save the life of the mother fall under this category. Anyone who destroys a viable fetus is regarded by the Torah and Seven Noahide Laws as having transgressed the Commandment against the murder. This includes those supporting, legislating, or participating through membership in or sponsorship of “Planned Parenthood” -a euphemism for genocide.

The failure of the present government to save the lives of the tragic victims of Benghazi are as guilty as the terrorists, since the victims called for help, and their appeals were ignored. Withholding Caretaking function from citizens who could and should have been rescued implicates anyone involved in withholding assistance, or suppressing information about this dereliction of duty, have the blood of the victims on their hands.

Anyone who knows about this crime and supports the individuals responsible for their deaths, places themselves in collusion with the criminals by supporting them, rather than holding them to be judged by fair courts of Justice.

The collusion between the Hillary Clinton, the Justice Department, and the media via bribes, duress, or any form of incentive preventing full accountability for the failure to protect citizens who became victims of terrorism are in violation of the Laws of Noah on Justice (Maimonides Negative Mitzvah 273-275).

If the citizens of the United States elect a candidate who persistently showed dereliction of her duties in Caretaking towards the citizens of the country by whom she was employed, they share the responsibility of the death and suffering resulting from such dereliction of Caretaking responsibilities. Furthermore, they have heard the testimony of the families of the victims yet re-elect those who failed to protect them, are in collusion of this crime.

Without appropriate repentance, which is far from forthcoming, they lose their place in the World to Come and will be considered as guilty in the Heavenly Court.

In similar function, government officials, whether in Europe or the United States, who put the interests of strangers ahead of the welfare and safety of their own citizens, whether by prisoner-release, wanton disregard for national security, or the facilitation of transfer of resources or intellectual information belonging to the people for personal gain, are all in violation of their caretaker function.

They too, are responsible for any past or future harm to the citizens to whom they were charged to protect.

There is no more flagrant indication of lack of remorse than to re-elect candidates belonging to that political party. Whether they lend support to the guilty party by virtue of their vote, financial assistance,  obstruction of prosecution, or willful dissemination of disinformation, they are guilty and lose their right to the World to Come.

Comment by Rabbi from Dynasty of King David regarding the 2016 U.S. Election

At the end of Days the Temple of King Solomon will be restored in its original place. The Court of One Hundred and Twenty Sages (The Sanhedrin) will be re-established, and the House of David will appoint Courts and Judges to rule on their  record of conduct based on the Noahide Oath made between God and Ancient Man. (The Divine Code, Edited by Dr. Michael Schulman, 2011, Published by Ask Noach International, 2011).


First time Rabbi from King-David Dynasty warns of catastrophic result if Hillary wins

Source: Comment by Rabbi from Dynasty of King David regarding the 2016 U.S. Election

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Comment by Rabbi from Dynasty of King David regarding the 2016 U.S. Election

First time Rabbi from King-David Dynasty warns of catastrophic result if Hillary wins

Source: Comment by Rabbi from Dynasty of King David regarding the 2016 U.S. Election

Comment by Rabbi from Dynasty of King David regarding the 2016 U.S. Election

I can only make comments in this Post at the level of Metaphor, and usually in the form of an allegory.

There is a reason why the Zohar always expresses the narrative in allegorical form to express that metaphor.

This is a major flaw in the structure of the Koran. As an example “an eye for an eye” is in the section of the Mishnah called “Nezikin”, or “The Laws of Damages”. It is the Oral Law that explains, that if you incurred damages to an innocent party, don`t compensate for the value of a tooth, but by the diminution to the individual`s earning-capacity or life-quality.

Let me begin with an example. Why do we do “warm-ups” before any athletic workout, such-as Martial-Arts session, Traditional Gym workout, or even Yoga workout? The reason is that in-order for the muscles, ligaments and joints to become circulated with fluid, delivered extra Oxygen, and become more resilient and flexible prior to the full stress of the workout.

This is a competition that Hillary has to win: The reason however, is quite counter-intuitive. If she loses America doesn`t only speak, but they discover things so sinister, that an entire swath of Ethicists will require fully-empowered authority to the extent of what had been planned and was already highly evolved and in practice affecting the life and destiny of every individual on the planet.

Under the Legal Authority of the United nations, a global network working through the N.S.A. has already developed a trajectory based on personal profiles, for life-or-death, birth or termination of pregnancy, and direction of newborns toward a line of viability, or dissemination within the industry of fetal body-parts, based on multiple ethnic and demographic factors and the individual profiles of the parents of the “products of conception”.

This is why, for the “Globalists” not having Universal Health was never an option: This is what gives the few hundred thousand elitists privilege over those not fortunate enough to be on the gravy-train. (Such as the religious, political rivals, non-obedient intellectuals, right-wing radio and T.V. anchors, and anyone potentially deemed as “unredeemable” such as Patriots and Tea-Party-Members).

Such “trouble-makers”, (as defined by their personal-favorability-ratings stored in Mega Data-Bases in Utah, under control of the N.S.A., should Clinton win, will be purged.

This doesn`t have-to be done in a dramatic way, since the Rockefeller Center, supported by NGO`s such as the Ford Foundation, large Pharmaceutical C.E.O.`s, The Clinton Foundation, other Universal Figureheads such as Bishop Tutu, Bill Carter, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, and others, via a network of Operatives including a U.N. Army in hiding, Black Lives Matter, and Community Organizers: ranging from Community Agencies embedded in every target-community employed for the Federal Government, to Community P.C.P.`s, and University Faculty.

The Operatives, are`nt limited to the 19 Official Law-Enforcement agencies, but include prominent members of Congress on both sides of the Isle, and surprising moles implanted through the fabric of our society.

And you recently discovered that the Globalists, who offer Humanitarianism and Life-Support to all, have in-fact joined the ranks of all those who have sold their souls to be part of this world-wide elite circle of the privileged, at the expense of the rest of their citizens. The latter will perish in a multiplicity of ways, ranging from being the victims of economic collapse, medical death-panels who decide the dose of Thimerosal in their Flu-Shots, to the amount of fertility suppression in the injections that they mandate from within two-hours of birth until the final “Flu” or “Pneumonia” shot.

This process, begun on Humans in Auschwitz, continued in Bio-Labs, predominantly in North Africa by Hitler`s Germ-Scientists were rescued, and their identities recreated following WW-2. In other words, Germany lost, but the Nazis were protected, and re-pollinated by bother Eastern and Western Powers after the war for their prize-discovery: the ability to select a super-race, by various genetic manipulations, ranging from fruit larger and quicker to reach maturity and enrich their producers, to humans, whose lives would be shortened by decisions made by beurocrats based on their value to, or burden-on society.

Eugenics allows the few to control the many: What they breath, drink, eat, earn, and ultimately, how-long are permitted to live. What’s new to the formula is the ability to create a distance in time and space, between predator and Victim, while maintaining the predator`s anonymity.

The reason I cannot go into specifics is because if the common civilian, just living his life and trying to support his family, finds out the extent to which this is already in underway, then riots will break out.

Because we are living in the “Final Days” or “Chapter” of time, individuals like Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, George Soros, and Donald Trump, are not limited to their own specific narratives that also existed over many previous generations, the decisions they make, and the roles they play, are called “Archetypal” because of the resemblance they bear to the teachings of the Ancient Greeks, who also used allegory to express the metaphor of the narrative.

So “Father” in Hebrew, is called “Abba” and spelt in Hebrew as אב, while “Mother” is called “Imma”, spelt in the Zohar, in Aramaic, as אם.

At an Archetypal level, the beautiful Helen of Troy eloped from Greece with the Prince of Troy.

The original metaphor of Helen`s beauty being Archetypal since it transcended the simple narrative and co-opted a downstream-effect of a rage and jealousy of such intensity, that it consumed the two Superpowers.

Carl Jung took this a step-further by cautioning that we avoid being consumed by Archetypal Narratives since they carry Biblical Power whereby the individual who is unconscious or psychologically blind, can become drawn through impulse into one of such complexes. This could be “entitlement”, “envy”, “greedy” or “lustful” in a way that is enacted on the universal stage when the cycle of destiny has reached it`s period of closure where even imitators can unleash the power of the genetic-template of God`s script that sucks all the players into their self-chosen vortex. The one to which they will be locked in for eternity.

At the moment when the cover is removed from the false world and the World of Truth is revealed, is one to which all of mankind will become eternally embedded. For that reason, we are cautioned by the Rabbis in the “Ethics of the Fathers” to surround ourselves by wise and righteous people, run-away (if you are unable to influence them positively) from people of poor-character, scoffers and the like, frequently attend Houses of Worship to subjugate yourself before your Creator, because in so-doing the individual is building a foundation whereby he has selected those who can always function as role-models; constantly guiding one  in his development of service of his Creator, and respecting His other Creations.

From this desire to do good, arise those who miscarried and deformed the message, leaving a vulnerable pool of people who were exposed to disinformation of good and the lack of time and history to experience why this model kept collapsing.

The Gemara teaches us the virtue of charity. But a far-greater form of Charity is finding or teaching the destitute to support themselves. Since by being perpetually dependent on the community you bring shame on yourself. Whenever possible the individual should strive from turning to the community to support him as this is contemptible in God`s Eyes.

In the Classic Animal Farm by George Orwell, the pigs convince the cows and sheep to run the humans off the farm. After-all, the livestock do the work, while the humans, just think rather than toil. Yet the humans keep the profits. The pigs succeed in convincing the other livestock to stage a revolution that drives the people off the farm.

What follows is what has happened to the average American. under Obama and Clinton during the past eight-years: The masses (we are the `herd`, remember,) work harder, and earn less. But we are constantly informed by all of the press (who work for the piggy’s in Congress and the White House).

But are told about a “soft-recovery”. And although Obama keeps driving up the debt with any new program that will throw some carrots to animals on the farm. As a result of open-borders, there is increased violent crime and murder, as a form of distraction, and when the animals discover that the pigs (the elitist globalists) have brought in a pack of wolves, we are told that we have become disloyal to our fellow animals. We recoil at the accusation of “hate-speech” so we suppress our observation that we are under threat by importing more wolves but accused by the piggy`s that this is “hate-talk”.

When finally, one of the animals screams out at a town -hall meeting blurts out “how-come only the piggy`s have benefited from this revolution. We were told that all animals are equal, the piggy responds “this is true, all animals are equal, but some animals are just more-equal than others”.

The misuse of language to dumb-down, and confuse the population with disinformation, were vital for the Communist Revolution and is being currently by the free-press who have been bought-off by the piggys.

The reason why we see through WikiLeaks that there was nothing too low, or dirty, to which they will not resort to steal the election, is because the piggys know that what they’ve already done, prior to a Hillary Presidency, is so egregious, that the implications of discovery are simply unconscionable.

I have two further comments: Europe, because it is so steeped in Jewish Blood, and remain Seventy-Two Years following the Holocaust unrepentant as evidenced by creating the concept of the “Palestinian Refugee Crises”, doing whatever possible to inflict death and suffering on the remaining Jewish Population, will go through a genocide at the hands of the Islamic Invaders, a demographic invasion of Europe designed by Baghdadi.

The time has passed whereby the European communities (not individuals) can be forgiven for their role in Jewish History.

The choice of destiny has therefore been given over to the current ‘Edom”, “West” or equivalent of the Roman Empire, being the current Superpower.

If they give power to the globalists such as Soros, Obama, and Clinton, for another four years, Hillary has already shown that there is no Law that she cannot or will-not break. She will scoff her scorners and destroy all of her opposition, however she deems without consequence. She can sell-off America, destroy all evidence while under subpoena, openly cahoot with the Justice Department, deface the integrity and morale of the F.B.I., and then laugh at America while openly lying, scorning, smirking and scoffing, brimming herself for her victory parade before the vote with the knowledge that there`s nothing that can or will ever contain her.

If she wins, the discovery will be revealed to the remaining Americans who survive a tenure of ‘open-borders” and “open-budget” despite the fact that such a formula didn`t work for 8-years because it never did. But should America make the wrong choice, they will be condemned to a catastrophic end because they are no-longer protected by the One Positive Noahide Code of “Maintaining Courts of Justice and Officers to enforce the Law”. America will also lose the protections of “Do not kill” (late-life abortions are considered as “Genocide” by the Noahide Code; and “Immorality” (at the magnitude described in the Book of Genesis involving the inhabitants of Sodom).

The reason America`s survival is at stake is because, with the Iranian deal, it scoffed at Israel, placing her under continual existential threat without an objection from Congress.

For these reasons God has given Hillary protection for her evil while disguising Donald Trump, (a righteous gentile) as a promiscuous buffoon, in order to allow the Satan to test to see whether America can still earn the merit of returning away from its current level of deception to the side of virtue prior to Messiah`s arrival.

The fields of Self-Psychology, Cognitive-Psychology, Psychological-Development and Trauma-Recovery use operational terms that are a mirror-image of the Creative Process

The Zohar and most Authoritative Kabalistic writings often use a term such as “Day” when referring to the dimension of `time`. But the spiritual world of Atzilus also functions as a template for other dimensions that were integral aspects of creation, which include space and location of “soul-consciousness”.

The general position of the Zohar`s entire commentary on the Torah is to reveal its multi-dimensionality.

To this extent, Kabala in general will use numerology, spatial configuration of text, and other principles that are accepted as fundamental to derivative learning.

Both in the fields of Self-Psychology, and Cognitive-Psychology, psychological development and trauma-recovery use operational terms that are a mirror-image of this creative process: “Mindfulness”, and “Anchoring”.

Of the Six Emotive Attributes, the anchor-point for the first Three Emotive Attributes is “Tiferes”,

The anchor point for the second group of Three Emotive Attributes is “Yesod”. This allows the creation (such as an individual) to remain grounded and operational in the face of internal emotional turbulence.

The Zohar is telling us that G-d created the universe out of “kindness” (or love) – B`Hi` Baram:  Hesed, the first of His Emotive Attributes, in its purest form, without any constraint, remains eternally as an encompassing light, or Iggul, from which the lower 6 lights will later descend. But that awaits the application of the 5 Gevurahs of Nukvah, which are found in Imma and Malchus.

It requires the descent of Daas, which functions as a measuring-rod, represented by a “Vav” do descend into the lower 6 Emotional Attributes whereby the “Upper Knowledge” known as “Daas Elyon” conveys (via a process of contraction and illuminations of the Upper Unity into an “Indwelling Light” referred to as “Daas Tachtun” ,which is the state referred to in Cognitive Psychology as “mindfulness”, or “E.Q.”

He prefers to restrain His anger when provoked. This is why the translation of “Tiferes” as meaning “beauty”, conveying the beauty in the tapestry of a dynamic play of balancing forces which preserves “object consistency”, allowing the “Baal Daas” to maintain outward emotional neutrality in the face of competing internal emotions.

In order to further illustrate the kabbalistic metaphor of “creation”, one might apply this process as one of continual self-actualization through awareness, as a creative process for a therapist in managing his own “Counter-Transference” feelings when applying “Daas” to discover and neutralize one`s own emotional reactions from disrupting the therapeutic relationship by becoming “mindful” of one`s own unpredictable emotional responses to the nuances of each therapeutic engagement.

Despite provocation, we strive to maintain the empathy required to sustain difficult patients despite the negative feelings they elicit in us.

The Zohar refers to the Six Emotive aspects of Atzilus comprising the Six Sefiros of `Zeir Anpin in the context of “Creation” by referring to a Celestial Union of the Higher Partzufim or “Countenances” in the creation of the Six “Primordial Days”.

These represent the Six Emotional templates in the World of Atzilus of a process of contraction and descent into the lower, separated (so to speak) worlds of “Creation, Formation, and Action”.

Time within the dimension of our lower “World of Action”, relative to that of Atzilus, has a conversion value of one day for a thousand years. That is why the Zohar tells us, that just as the world was created in Six Primordial Days, our emotions are in a similar state of diminution, as are our days, when compared to their Archetypal Templates; meaning that He used His Pre-existing Attributes of Chochmah (Reishis), and Bina (Mi) (also known as `Abba` and Imma’ or `Yud`, and `Hey`, to create the Six Sefiros of Zeir Anpin.

Hence, Chochmah and Binah (Yud and Heh), are referred to as “Olam` d` Eskasia” (Hidden World), while Z`eir Anpin (Vav) and Malchus (the Lower Heh), are referred to as “Olam `d` Esgalia, (Revealed World). Being revealed is an intrinsic quality to emotions, (represented by the “Vav”), and speech (represented by the letter “Hey”).

The Mochin of Av and Eim, or Chochmah and Bina, in contrast, function as “chariots” or “Crowns”, since the beginning of Indwelling Light, only begins at the level of “Eileh”, hinted to by its gematria of thirty-six, since the application of constriction allows divisions of six within the divisions of six.

The descent of “Daas” into the six emotions pursues the descent of the emotions as they traverse the worlds of Creation, Formation and Action. The role of “Mindfulness” is to bring awareness which redeems the sparks trapped within each dimension of separation.

There are Divine sparks that await our service of elevation (Ha’lahas M`N’) in the world of thought, emotion, speech, and action.

Sparks that are elevated in the world of action are purely physical, while sparks in the World of Formation (Yetzirah) are emotional. The process of Tikkun of emotions is practiced not only via prayer but also when we prevail over our emotions and impulses.

Meditation and the study of Torah elevate sparks in the world of Creation (Beriah).



To whom does the Temple Mount Belong ?

There was a recent announcement that Mr. Kerry had brokered a deal, whereby a panel representing King Hussein, Mr. Netanyahu, the Waqf of Jordan, and a rabbi, would make a determination of who will control the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

I would suggest opening the debate to a committee of Jewish, Christian and Muslim scholars, publicly televised, and ensured that the debate committee is comprised of established scholars with a strong record of fairness and integrity.

From the Jewish perspective, the Temple Mount was the site of so many Godly Revelations, culminating in becoming the permanent site for the Stones with the Ten Commandments handed by God to Moses.  According to Kabbalistic sources, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzatto, the renowned 17th Century Kabbalistic Master from Italy, the Temple Mount houses the “Even Shesia”, referring to the Rock from which God chiseled the entire Universe.

During the times of the Jewish Temple, only the Kohen Gaddol, – Chief Priest, could go into the Inner Chamber of the Temple, once a year: On Yom Kippur, and offer incense, which would atone for annual sins of the world.

That’s why this Chamber houses the original Tablets given to Moses, since they define the Essential Moral Code between man and God, thereby unifying Gods Will in a physical place.

The connection between God and the Universe is through the Ten Commandments. They were given to Moses by God Himself. It is the Covenant between man and God. It has Commandments, it is the Law. That contract, made between God and the Jewish People, lies in the Temple Mount. That contract doesn`t need the approval of the U.N. or any other agency from this lowest world, since it binds us in such high Celestial Spheres that transcend time.

Calling for Jihad violates the Second Commandment of “Thou Shalt not Kill!” The Temple Mount houses the Tablets that were given by God to Moses. They`re written in Hebrew, and the Jews were told to pass the Commandments onto the other nations of the world, an example being the Forefather Abraham, whose generosity was infinite.

So which part of that history would Netanyahu, or any other Jew, want to disown?  It was purchased by King David because of its Holiness, despite the fact that he had already conquered it in war.

And the proof that it belongs to the Jews is contained in the earlier statement: That the Chief Priest (Cohen-Gaddol), would more often die than live, upon entering that Chamber that one day of the year, simply for having impure thoughts. But the priests would line up to apply for the position, knowing they would probably die, in order to give Blessings to the world based, on God`s Thirteen Attributes of Mercy.

I would ask the Muslim representative: “what would happen to the rest of us, if you were mediator on Yom Kippur, between God and all mankind? We know that (except for one`s physical survival), that Covenant housed within the Temple Mount forbids killing, hatred, intolerance, jealousy, and everything that Jihad represents.

If Muslims respect the validity, or sanctity of the Covenant, why would they want to violate God`s Covenants in His Inner Chamber? Do they believe in a God who doesn`t see? Or know?

Rabbi Levi-Yitzchak of Berdetchov, (the disciple of the Maggid), compares the arrival of Moshiach to a King, after a prolonged absence, arriving at an unexpected time at his palace.

If the representative scholars convinced the jury that the Temple belongs to the Jews, that would be the best news possible for the other religions: Judaism doesn`t ask anyone to change who they are, just to live moral lives (otherwise referred to as the Seven Noahide Law).

However, it the outcome were reversed, and the Muslims were proven correct, there would be no Blessings handed down, since in their eyes we are infidel.

The fact that the Jewish People pray for the welfare of the world, while the Muslim leaders confuse and mislead their youth, to shed blood for a God that doesn`t exist.

The God that does exist expressed His Will through the Torah, which is binding to all people, and prohibits hatred, jealousy, and unwanted bloodshed and misery, caused by Muslim leaders whose position until now directly negates their merit to claim of the Covenant as their own.

The Zohar on Creation

In the Zohar Ha’Kodesh (Hakdamah; Bereishis (3B) Rabbi Yudai asked:

“What is the meaning of Bereishis?  It means ‘with Wisdom’…which can be analyzed into Bara-Shis “He created Six”.

“And who created them?” asks the Zohar, “The Mysterious Unknown”.

“R Hiya and R. Jose were walking along the road. ‘What you said about `Berei-Shis` –`Created Six`, is certainly correct”. Since the Torah speaks about Six Primordial Days….’Bara’ is always a mystery of closing and opening.

The Zohar brings other passages in support of the proposal that He used Wisdom (Reishis-`Chochma`), and Understanding (`Binah`) to create the Six Attributes of ‘Z’eir Anpin’, (referring to the verse “Mi Bara Eileh?” which, translated into English means “Who made these?”).

While at a simple level, this question appears straight forward: “Mi”, in Hebrew letters has a numerical value of fifty, corresponding to the “Fifty Gates of Understanding”.

(In Aramaic, the word “Mi” is pronounced as “mei”, and is often used metaphorically, referring both to the “Waters of Purification”, as well as the “water that irrigates the garden” of Binah).

The reader is encouraged to approach this through the prism that “preparing the field” would serve as an analogy for acts of kindness and a spirit of generosity and compassion functioning as a key to opening the flow of illumination from His Thirteen Attributes of Mercy into Binah.

While` Binah` of Atzilus is called `Mi`, (meaning “who”?), -it is the Six Emotive Attributes of Z`eir Anpin that are called “Eileh”, or ‘these”.

From this measurement emanates the Six Emotive Attributes of Atzilus’, which are the mainstay of the edifice of Atzilus.

This constitutes the first level of revelation.

The Zohar attempts to explain that while the universe is an expression of G-d`s entire name.  (It begins concealed in the form of a Yud; then couples with an Upper Hey (`Asher Bara`, Drushay Chasonah), then proceeds downwards (distance referring to spiritual descent symbolized by the Vav) into the revealed worlds of `Six Primordial Days` (Chagas and Nihiyi), before its ` final expansion`   into the Lower Hey, (referred to as the mouth or `Malchus`) of Atzilus.

We are not  discussing here the Higher Partzufim (Countenances) of Abba and Imma, (such as Makkifin d` Imah), which are referred to as “encircling lights” and not at all in a state of being revealed into manifest existence in the form of  an “Indwelling” light.

What is inferred, is that when G`-d created the universe, there was a process of “Self-revelation”, primarily of His Emotive Attributes.

Moreover, the word “these” (“Eileh”) has the numerical value of thirty six (6×6=36).

The essential success of this creative process required integration and synthesis.

The ability to regulate intense and turbulent emotions while retaining an inner sense of calm and ability to function testifies to the successful integration co-existence of these conflicting emotional attributes.

In order for mankind to aspire to the ways of the Emanator, He had to make Himself known (Rabbi Shalom Ber Schneursohn, Reishis Goyim Amalek” 1920, Chapter 3).

The intent of the revelation of His Six Emotional Attributes was the first introduction of limits onto infinity – a paradox that can only be established by an Infinitude Being that allows opposites to co-exist.

In other words, G-d reveals His Emotional Attributes in order that they descend through a chain-reaction ending with the 288 sparks where mankind`s participation allows a partnership in G-d`s creation.

‘Bara’ is a term of mystery, a lock without a key. As long as the world was locked within the term ‘Bara’, it was not in a state of being, or existence. `Tohu`, (chaos and fragmentation) hovered over the world.

When did the key appear and open the gates? It was when Avraham appeared. As it is written (11, 4):

“These are the generations of the heavens and the earth Be-Hi-Baram (when they were created).
This would also imply that when G-d created the world, He used the final letter of His Name.

Using this “schema”, the Sefiros of Chochma and Binah only “Encompass”, the “Revealed World” of Z`eir Anpin.

This is also consistent with the Maamer “Reishis Goyim Amalek” (1920, Chapter 3, page 8)


The Zohar and most Authoritative Kabalistic writings often use a term such as “Day” when referring to the dimension of `time`. But the spiritual world of Atzilus also functions as a template for other dimensions that were integral aspects of creation, which include space and location of “soul-consciousness”.

The general position of the Zohar`s entire commentary on the Torah is to reveal its multi-dimensionality.

To this extent, Kabala in general will use numerology, spatial configuration of text, and other principles that are accepted as fundamental to derivative learning.

Both in the fields of Self-Psychology, and Cognitive-Psychology, psychological development and trauma-recovery use operational terms that are a mirror-image of this creative process: “Mindfulness”, and “Anchoring”.

Of the Six Emotive Attributes, the anchor-point for the first Three Emotive Attributes is “Tiferes”,

The anchor point for the second group of Three Emotive Attributes is “Yesod”. This allows the creation (such as an individual) to remain grounded and operational in the face of internal emotional turbulence.

The Zohar is telling us that G-d created the universe out of “kindness” (or love) – corresponding to the first of His Emotive Attributes.

Furthermore, because of his “mindfulness”, He prefers to restrain His anger when provoke. This is why the assigned translation of “Tiferes” as meaning “beauty” is limited; since it fails to convey the dynamic play of balancing forces  that preserves  “object consistency”, maintain neutrality in the face of competing emotions.

In order to further illustrate the kabalistic metaphor of “creation” , one might consider the process of self-actualization as a creative process for a therapist in managing his own “Counter-Transference” One discovers oneself by becoming “mindful” of one`s own emotional responses. Despite provocation, we strive to maintain the empathy required to sustain difficult patients despite the negative feelings they elicit in us.

The Zohar refers to the Six Emotive aspects of Atzilus comprising the Six Sefiros of `Z`eir Anpin in the context of “Creation” it uses the term “Primordial Days”.

Time within the dimension of our lower “World of Action”, relative to that of Atzilus, has a conversion value of one day for a thousand years. That is why the Zohar tells us, that just as the world was created in Six Primordial Days, our emotions are in a similar state of diminution, as are our days, when compared to their Archetypal Templates.

(Meaning that He used His pre-existing Attributes of Chochma (Reishis), and Bina (Mi) (also known as `Abba` and `Imma’ or `Yud`, and `Hey`, to create the Six Sefiros of Z`eir Anpin.

Hence, Chochma and Binah (Yud and Heh), are referred to as “Olam` d` Eskasia” (Hidden World),

While Z`eir Anpin (Vav) and Malchus (the Lower Heh), are referred to as “Olam `d` Esgalia, (Revealed World).

How do we reconcile this with the statements brought by the Shiloh Hakodesh from Tikkunei Zohar        (            תרח-טקרpages 608-609)      (Ki Tavo, pages 608-609), “You are not scholars at all”. “Do you not know that the universe was built with the initial verse of the Book of Proverbs (Kohelet)?”……

”He who understands the secret of the “Seven Breaths”  referred to in that first passage (Hevel Havalim) as they emerge from the mouth of G-d, is able to understand how all existence came into being”.

The continuation explains that according to the Sh`Lo` Ha`Kodesh and Baal Ha`Tanya, the world was created by the final letter Heh which was used to express the seven Havalim found in the first passuk of Koheles.

This corresponds to Malchus of Atzilus (the lower Heh of Shem Yud Heh), while the Six Sefiros of  Z`eir Anpin were created by `Abba` and `Imma’ or `Yud`, and `Heh` of Atzilus found in the first passuk of Genesis.

Vehicular Terrorism can be added to Terror-Tunnels, and knife-attacks in the Intifada that was never called one

The Shulchan Aruch is far smarter than Israel`s Cabinet and military commanders: “One has to violate the Sabbath to remove even a questionable threat” ,Talmud, Mesechta Shabbos). For all of its boasting and arranged press-leaks, the risk from the terror-tunnels constitutes a clear and present danger to all of Israel`s citizens. Were it not for miracles, thousands of Jews would have died, had Hamas carried-out its planned underground invasion two Rosh Hashana`s ago. Since Obama and Kerry now call the shots in Israeli politics, the “can was kicked down the road”, even though Israel was positioned to completely eliminate the threat of Hamas following their last war in Gaza. Instead 65 Israeli soldiers lost their lives for no reason at all: The proof is that the same threat that existed then continues into the present. Combine that with the continuing Intifada (where Israel`s leaders continue to dilly-dally), the fact that the West-Bank is a terrorist hotbed, without even mentioning the main threat from Iran and Hezbollah from the north. Which explains why Westerners, even those under threat in the diaspora, are weary from jumping from the frying-pan into the fire. The net-effect of incidents like this, send a message of a system of self-governance without a clearly articulated collective self-narrative. A product of failing to articulate some basic Judaic values like “Though shall not kill” as a requirement to be part of a shared society, civilization is built on the Biblical assumption of government to draw a line defining those who refuse to accept this basic tenet of all Godly Law, whereby all mankind accepts the right of others to exist. Since Israel`s leaders still prefer political correctness to What Freud called “the Reality Principal”, the net-effect is Israel`s projection of weakness, ambivalence, and existential confusion. Which sends a very mixed-message to those of us in the diaspora. While all Jews in the diaspora are currently under threat, and many are endangered, the alternative, (making Aliyah to Israel), fails to convince the majority of a secure future. Instead of taking drastic steps to face the reality of a pervasive mortal threat, Israel`s endless attempts to accommodate everyone, from Europe`s leaders to the Women of the Wall robs us of our personal and collective narrative. This Collective – Identity – Breakdown has been has been well studied. Clinical labels range Stockholm syndrome (wanting to be European, Progressive-Liberal, holding ourselves to a moral code imposed on us by our “Masters”), to “Anomie”. That is the apparent cause of the community and its leaders being immobilized and pretending to be helpless..

Paris Terror Attacks may have lasting effects

On the evening of 13 November 2015, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks occurred in France`s Capital City, Paris, and its northern suburb, Saint-Denis. The series of attacks, in which 130 people were killed and 368 injured, involved mass shootings at cafés, restaurants and a music venue.

This was the deadliest act of terrorism in France since WW II, and in Europe since the Madrid train bombings of 2004.  For Paris, this was the second act of terrorism in 2015, since 17 people including civilians and police officers were killed in a similar attack in January 2015.

The Islamic State of Iraq, (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The goal of terrorism extends beyond damage to a specific victim since it violates the sense of boundary and personal safety at a community level.

The rapid dissipation of trauma imagery has been shown to leave lingering stress-related symptoms, alterations in threat-perception, and curtailment of travel across a wide spectrum of the community. Terrorists have been shown to exploit the vast network of mass media to inflict fear and dread to all segments of society exposed to trauma imagery.

Former Head of Counter-Terrorism at M16 Richard Barrett in a report titled “Foreign Fighters in Syria”, estimates that over 12,000 foreign fighters have travelled to Syria since 2011. The  Dutch Intelligence and Security Security Service has warned of a rapid rise of  Salafism young second and third -generation young Muslim men and women in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the U.K. who travel to Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia, where they are incubated, and trained in domestic terrorism, before returning to their European homeland.

According to European Intelligence Officials, returning Jihadists may lie dormant for months, but are among the most bloodthirsty terrorists, and pose a serious ongoing threat, considering Europe`s porous borders, and visa-free travel rights to the U.S.  Shifting demographics caused by millions of Muslims flooding into Europe, together with radicalization of young Muslims in local mosques, today pose the single greatest threat to all of Europe.

The process often begins with propaganda via internet and social media, then an appeal to support their “brothers” via donations, and subsequently a percentage of sympathizers are recruited to travel to one of several Islamic strongholds. Indeed, this is what happened with the Boston Marathon bombers.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that “the West will pay for losing its backbone” as returning Jihadists begin to “turn their guns on us”.

Television audiences in particular tend to personalize the experience of horrific violence since they are deprived the opportunity of being debriefed or reassured about their personal safety.

What are the lingering psychological effects on populations directly exposed to atrocities the likes of the mayhem in Paris ?

Following the September 11 attacks, the Institutional Review Board of the New York Academy of Medicine conducted a survey  within 5-8 weeks of 1008 adults living south of 110th Street in Manhattan. The survey found that only 7.5% of respondents reported symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of PTSD, with a prevalence higher among respondents living south of Canal Street who were more directly exposed to the attacks (Sandro Galea et al, New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 346, 2002).

In the National Longitudinal Study substantial stress levels were found in a majority of New York residents in the weeks following the terrorist attacks. But the prevalence of a full PTSD diagnosis was only 17 % after 8 weeks and 5.8 % after 6 months (Roxane Cohen Silver et al JAMA, 2002).

Dr. James Rubin, from the Kings College Institute of Psychiatry in London performed a robust study of Londoners 11-13 days following the July 2005 terrorist attacks on the London mass-transit system, and again 7 months later. In the follow-up study (published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in 2007), 11 % continued to report substantial stress, 12% reported a heightened perception of danger, and 17% reported having shopped less during the holidays in Central London. Yet only 1% of respondents reported to have sought mental health counselling.

When studying the effect of terrorism on public health, instruments that used dimensional scales to measure varying degrees of sub-threshold stress reactions such as heightened stress, persistent sense of danger, and avoidance behavior (curtailment in travel), may turn out to be more valuable than whether or not survivors meet criteria for PTSD.

When studying traumatized populations, studies that use dimensional scales assessing life-quality, danger-perception, and travel-restrictions, may be more useful than those focusing on whether or not the respondents met criteria for PTSD, which is the most extreme response.


Archetypal Envy and Anti-Semitism

Scholars the likes of Sartre have devoted books towards understanding the origins of Antisemitism, the Blood Libel, the Holocaust, and now, seventy years later, movements like the B.D.S., whose goal was captured last month in the gesture symbolized by the E.U.: Actually placing the “Yellow Star of David” on products made in Biblical Israel. I say that because the Biblical “Bible Belt” happens to be what is currently labelled (and not by coincidence) the “Occupied West Bank”. One erudite expose of the issue of “envy” at an Archetypal level was hypothesized by the prominent Jungian psychiatrist Edward Edinger: In this allegory, the central character, Ishmael, becomes obsessed with hunting-down Moby Dick, a giant harmless whale, unfortunate enough to become the “trigger” of an amorphous genocidal rage. Its cosmic origins, Edinger proposes, as being the alienation experience of Ishmael, following the birth of Isaac. What was the moment of Ishmael`s fall from grace ? The realization that the event of Isaac`s birth demoted Ishmael from being Abraham`s only son, to one of illegitimacy, since his mother, Hagar, was only Abraham`s servant, while Isaac`s mother was Sarah Abraham`s only wife. Isaac`s birth to Sarah in her older years lead to their mutual fixation on this miracle-child, Isaac, who one could argue, was the first Jewish child, since Abraham had converted to Monotheism. As a result of the birth of Isaac, Ishmael was not only stripped of being his father`s heir,(Genesis 21:9) but fell into a state of deep existential alienation and personal shame. In the world of Carl Jung (the noted disciple of Freud), the dominant dimension of human experience is within the outer shell of the universe. However, our outer-domain carries multiple sub-narratives that were encoded by our Biblical Forefathers into a cosmic DNA template, similar to how the genetic coding of a single cell carries, and influences the all of those occurrences affecting its destiny. The wrath facing the Jewish Nation today by the collective envy of the nations is not new. Failing for two thousand years of exile to destroy us physically warranted a change in methodology. But this time our enemies appear to have succeeded on two fronts: Reassigning the Jewish narrative to the “Palestinians” was one crucial component, hence UNESCO`s obsession with removing and destroying archeological evidence linking the Jewish Nation to the Bible and the land of Judea and Samaria. Every Jewish Shrine in the Jewish Bible Belt has been renamed by UNESCO to effectively become Muslim shrines. Rewriting history provides the Palestinians symbols for an Islamic narrative that didn`t even exist when the events occurred (like Rachel`s Tomb). But there is something far more sinister, one which calls to question whether the Jewish Nation will survive: The Camp David and Oslo Accords brought to fruition a reality on the ground that expressed Jewish acquiescence to a sham political entity competing not only for Jewish land, but for the Jewish narrative. The Palestinians don`t mind how long they have to wait. The Islamic world has used Western Courts (such as the Hague), to transfer myth into a legal reality. The Jews must be “occupiers” if they say so themselves. Israeli secular courts allow Muslims to pray on the Temple Mount, not Jews. The Israeli government ceded Joseph`s Shrine to the P.A., an organization that didn`t exist before 1964, and to Muslims, whose religion was formed six hundred years following he destruction of the second Jewish Temple. This is the result of the deliberate and meticulous hijacking, deconstruction, and re-engineering of the foundations of Jewish history and Civilization from a historical period that preceded the Jewish Temples. Why these activities by UNESCO were so important was because it redesigned the template encoding the word “Israel” at its spiritual core. That the West would want to do this is understandable. Since 1979 is the birthday of the Islamic Revolution and the Camp-David Accords, (by no coincidence), successive Israeli Administrations colluded-with, and legislated a mythology designed to replace Israel`s G-d-given Narrative of Truth and Divine Morality by just agreeing to their big-lie: Confess for being “occupiers and oppressors”, or agree to die by either the sword or economic isolation. These mythologies are the precursors of the Stockholm syndrome, where the hostage is willing to sacrifice his personal beliefs for a crust of bread. Just say “this land is your land” and BDS will leave you alone.