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Robert Mueller to Jury: Name Trump`s crime and I`ll indict him

September 19, 2017

Robert Mueller oversaw the FBI during its transformation into the “brown-shirts” of the deep-state, a dark secretive organization that participated in the 9/11 bombings, creating the necessary alibi of a “Second Pearl Harbor”. He oversaw the successful attack on America to jolt the country into a sense of shock and collective cry for revenge whereby any means would justify the end. This laid the groundwork for passage of the “Patriot Act” whereby all power would become centralized and unrestrained by the checks and balances set-up by America`s Founding Fathers. Following the election-upset that stripped the leftist leadership of an election rigged to establish leftist dominance over America for perpetuity the Deep-State re-enlisted Mueller as Special Investigator over the newly-elected Donald Trump by a coup disguised as a “Special Investigation” based on trumped-up charges. The charges, over the life of the Investigation would be allowed to define themselves, since there were none. The charges began as a confabulation that Trump, a building magnate all his life was in fact a “Russian Spy”. Failing to find more evidence than a meeting arranged whereby Trump`s son was baited into a meeting with a Russian attorney who specialized in adoptions. Obama had already demonstrated that the civilian population had been sufficiently dumbed-down by a combination of disinformation, vaccination-toxicity and water saturated with Chlorine and Fluoride, that they were ready to run with the false-narratives of “hands up don`t shoot” and “planned-parenthood” whereby movements were spawned based on the population believing that Law-Enforcement Officers under attack were racially-motivated murders and infanticide was the way to protect the rights of parents. The ability of inverted word-meanings and reality-distortions could generate social frenzy, the leftists running the Deep-state were convinced that a sustained assault on the elected President, (despite the rigging of the election to the left with massive voter-fraud), would successfully set the stage to impeach the president on anything. The population had been successfully tested to call for the indictment of a President elected by a record of electoral votes on charges that could be fabricated, or if necessary, not exist at all. Mueller`s role would be to prove that a President had obstructed justice, without requiring factual evidence of their being a legitimate charge. Social engineering at the end would prevail, not logic. A normal society would call the charade for what it was: a coup. A normal society would call for the arrest of Mueller and trial for sedition in a military court. But that normalcy had been stripped from American with the assassination of J.F.K.

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