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If we only removed a fraction of the W.M.D.`s from the Middle East, who`s meant to remove the rest ?

May 1, 2017

While the President`s response to Assad`s War-Crimes, was an important step that stirred a sense of relief for the millions of T.V. onlookers, desensitized by the indifference of their true savior Obama, whose response was to express his deep disappointment following the last Chemical Attack, prior to setting-off to another fund-raising dinner, we remain well immunized against reflecting on several existential policies strongly embedded in our unconscious thanks to a deft ballroom pivot by the mainstream media: Obama and Putin made a short-term good-cop/bad-cop inversion. Obama remained protected in his sanitized comfort-zone as a junior Philosophy-Tutor, handing over the role of “bad-cop” to Putin, by inviting him into the Middle-East – a free windfall, since Russia had been ousted of playing any meaningful diplomatic role as strong-man in the Middle-East since the Yom-Kippur War. But this action by default omitted acknowledging Putin as the Chess-Master in foreign-relations, a course that our Harvard Professor omitted. Crowning Russia as “Power-Broker” to ensure the complete confiscation of WMD`s from Assad – the world`s Prime War-Criminal – by his chief sponsor and partner-in-crime by Obama – the world`s greatest pacifist and enabler of crime, through Putin`s record of merit in carrying out International Law, (which he predictably vetoes in the Security Council). The collusion runs deeper: as it later emerged that Obama and Putin`s collusion was the greatest deception in modern history as the two Superpowers Crowned Iran as the newest member to Worlds Nuclear Club: their mutual support of the Shiites of Iran in attaining a Nuclear Ballistic Program immune to world inspection. What a legacy to leave: Putin and Obama ensuring Iran and Syria as Pariah States armed with W.M.D.s camouflaged by a lingering investigation of the Trump White-house being in cahoots with the enemy. The "# Never-Trump`ers”  have a huge cache of psychological “dumbing-down” methods, ranging from Chemical Warfare (Chem-trails, water saturated with Chlorine and fluoride, vaccinations tested on the Armed Forces who are subsequently never diagnosed with “Vaccine-Injury” but rather the “Gulf-Syndrome” (probably caused by Anthrax vaccinations). A generation of children who, prior to Obama`s rule were prohibited from receiving D.P.T. prior to 14 months, now being injected (while still as fetuses with living virus crossing their blood-brain barrier prior to them having their own immune-system to activate; a Monsanto-controlled, big-Pharma, domination of seeds and pesticides that constitute the corn thats fed to the chickens we eat. And used for the corn-sugar beverages we drink. These are a partial list of the mandated toxic assault on . Agencies like the “Department of Food and Agriculture” and the F.D.A. who regulate these agencies, are their main share-holders.  After being mandated to receive 35 vaccinations cultured in monkey-brain and preserved with formaldehyde, Magnesium, Thimerasol, and other neurotoxins, our children are then sent to Public Schools with Core-curriculum that ensures passing grades for regurgitation a curriculum nothing more than the language-equivalents of the food force-fed to the animals by the pigs on “Animal Farm”. What remains of the D.N.A. in their Pre-frontal Lobes are nothing more than empty-templates. The best of our High-School Graduates, no different to the chickens on the conveyor-belts that look like adults because they`re force-fed G.M.O.`s under artificial light and bloated with Growth Hormone, are then “let-loose” onto College Campuses where they`re educated by Left-Wing fanatics who belong (mostly) in psychiatric long-term facilities. There they acquire the final layer of their mental illness known as "Collective Anomie" a state of shared "identity-Loss". One may ask " why are the globalists obsessed with creating a generation of compliant brain-dead human primates devoid of psyche or soul ? The answer should be obvious: So that no one should ask questions like: "if the Middle-East is vanquished by warring tribes armed with Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Weapons, provided by the Civilized World, to justify a humanitarian crises that can only be evaded by a soft invasion of the West". And if a Collective Caretaker Committee ensures a perfect balance between the "yea-genocide and neigh-genocide" creating a permanent stalemate: Until the arrival of an anarchist promoted to the seat of leader of the Free-World: By an establishment of Left-Wing Lunatic College Professors who teach that deporting illegal serial rapists is unconstitutional. These intellectual elitists can convince the majority that "illegal aliens",(whom they call "immigrants", without ever being called-out for it), must be released before the Federal Government discovers that they`ve returned from their country of origin – having been released after committing a similar crime – even several times. This cocktail of poisoned air, water, vaccines, corn, and pesticides, followed by a core-curriculum, built on the Sodomite model of whats really good being taught as "bad" and whats really bad being taught as "good"-produces a state - not of "moral confusion" - (because when you`re confused you tend to ask the wise); but more of a moral certainty that good is “bad” and bad is “good”. Thats why no-one is asking the question: “If we only removed a fraction of  the W.M.D. from the Middle East, who was meant to remove the rest, if members of Obama`s Administration admitted that they knew that Putin never intended to remove these lethal weapons and made sure it was kept a secret" And if you have the leader of the Opposition Party Chuck Schumer (in the world`s greatest Democracy) proudly announcing publicly: “My job is to ensure that I negate whatever the President says or does, irrespective of whether hes right or wrong, or whether or not its for the common good or bad". I guess thats the Democracy we deserve.

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