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Spying on the President are you ?

March 6, 2017

Shouldn`t we all be disturbed, no matter what the issue, that a Head of the F.B.I. would align himself with a former President supported by his old spy-ring loyalists, running a treasonous shadow-government, against none-other than the current Head of State?

For Trump, as a C.E.O. he must walk down the corridor wondering which one of his employees (and their supervisors) recently listened-in on Classified conversations for using such “intellectual property” to run a coup before, during and after leaving office.

Instead of purging the ranks of those aligned with this illegal shadow-government, he remains loyal to his former-employee, who just happens to be spying on his new boss. How can one allow the Head of Intelligence to be in cahoots with an illegal shadow-government, obsessed with the efforts of a former-president-turned-traitor?

How so? By continuing to undermine, and ultimately usurp a democratically-elected leader.

Spying on the American President by wire-taps pose an existential threat to Trump`s legitimate leadership.

The removal of all boundaries protecting the autonomous self-agency of the President, and his ability to conduct daily business for the country has become shut-down by willful and obstructionism, persistent leaks, cross-chatter, and dramatic embarrassments.

Its purpose can be recognized by its corrosive-results: they extend from unnecessary firings and resignations to the creation of an environment dominated by feelings within the Executive Branch of hyper-vigilance, distrust, and diminished sense of safety against in every-day matters of conducting business.

This conflict is not just occurring in the domain of ideas, but creates an ongoing crisis of Power that can only be resolved by a highly assertive take-charge Authoritarian Persona.

Just because our side doesn`t abuse power or authority doesn`t mean that such stereotyping should stop us from “cleaning shop”.

It can be achieved painlessly: “Declare allegiance, or retire”.

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