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Why they call Trump the Jewish President

November 21, 2016

The American Jewish Establishment has greater resemblance to the political platform and politique of the Progressive Liberal Wing of the new Democratic Party of Obama and Clinton, than Bible-based values. Is there a Jewish political leader today espousing values crucial to survival of our people or State?

Within the circles of Jewish Intelligentsia in Israel and the U.S. one can predict support for Cities of Refuge, open borders, abortions for social convenience, and tolerance toward the unconditional march toward peace with our adversaries at any cost. They are so embedded in these “progressive” ideologies to the extent that the reality of political empirical observations has become irrelevant. In fact, many Israelis accept the reality of daily stabbings, the demand for a Palestinian State within Israel, (and empathy for one`s adversary without any reciprocal recognition of one`s own right to live).

Unconditional tolerance is embraced as an ideal surpassing consistent adversity of outcome. Jews feel vindicated by supporting every designated underdog, ranging from “Black Lives Matter”, to any front-group supporting the rights of Palestinians in Judea and Samaria: –  even when their support means living in an environment of escalating threat, widespread terrorism, and sat on its hands until this escalated to existential threat to the entire Jewish State.

Slogans that constellate Jewish support include euphemisms and totally fabricated narratives while conditions on the ground deteriorate from within the Jewish Establishment always on the ready for the exploitation of the misguided sentiments fabricated to meet the political needs of the moment. The Jewish sentiment has always been “What`s yours is yours, and what`s mine is yours”.

That’s why most Israelis refer to their Homeland as “Occupied”. In any open public debate, one would in fact discover not a shred of evidence that there was, is, or can be “a Palestinian State”.

So, if a U.S. President like Trump arrives with a policy taken from Oral Law, but foreign to the secular Jewish establishment that “what’s yours is yours” (anything east of the Jordan River) and what’s mine is mine” it would fly in the face of the Jewish-Liberal establishment.

I would also apply Trumps doctrine toward illegal aliens (anyone living in Israel advocating Jihad): Expel all Jihadists from Israel rather than providing them with “Cities of Refuge” (which we call “No-Go-Zones”).

Why: because, by believing that “what I have belongs to you”, leads to a simmering resentment upon discovery that no such recipe exists, doesn’t bide well for either side of the conflict

So, to quote the “Ethics of the Fathers” (which is Oral Law):

Any expectation that Trump will negotiate (make concessions) with an adversary whose template is that of “conquest through deception” will discover that “the art of the deal” places personal survival ahead of philanthropy, concession, and generosity at one`s own expense.

If the foundation of the Modern American Establishment is embedded in the genetic-template of empathy and political compromise to the point of self-negation, Trump is the wrong President.

This is a guilt-narrative that Trump will never support.

But nor would Torah.

The most crucial value that any leader brings to governance is his commitment to survival of the community that he serves. To this extent, Trump`s values are more Jewish than what Israel has had until now.

Its preferable to an Israeli leadership dedicated to the values espoused by the leaders of the American Reform Community, obsessed by the need to acquiesce anything, without any knowledge of Torah values or Jewish survival.

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