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Hoping that Mr. Trump wont fall prey to the Illusion known as “The Oslo Accords”

November 10, 2016

In 1994 Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat reached an agreement brokered by President Clinton, known as the “Oslo Accords”.

In Letters of Mutual Recognition, Arafat,  representing the “Palestinian People” agreed  to  desist  from pledging violence and threat of the destruction of the Israeli state.

For their part, the Israeli representatives recognized  PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat Mr. Arafat as a legitimate representative for the Palestinians in the negotiations.

In essence, the accords called for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from parts of the Gaza Strip and West Bank, leaving Israel with defendable borders, while affirming  limited Palestinian right of self-governance within certain areas as a trial form of Palestinian Interim Self-Government.

Palestinian rule was to last for a five-year interim period during which “permanent status negotiations” would commence, contingent on the Palestinians demonstrating the capacity to govern themselves according to democratic principles, with free and general political elections.

Based on the empirical reality governing such a contingency, the Palestinians failed to meet either of these requirements: Fatah, the group that represented the Palestinians in the negotiations, accepted the accords.

But Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine objected to the accords.

The accords were accepted with a high degree of skepticism by the Israeli population. The right-wing parties, led by Likud, correctly suspected that the Palestinians were merely entering a tactical peace agreement, and were being deceptive about wanting to reach peace and coexistence with Israel.

Other Palestinian factions gave their nod to the accords, but saw it as part of a Ten Point Program calling for National Authority “over every part of Palestinian territory leading to  “the liberation of all Palestinian territory”, and attempted to justify the signing of the accords as merely the initial step to reach this final goal.

For his part, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin remained highly ambivalent throughout the process, but succumbed to the combination of Peres`s “back-channel” private negotiations ending in a falling-out with Mr. Peres, and terminating with Rabin`s assassination (in which Peres was implicated). Rabin`s difficulties were amplified by the strong-arm tactics applied by his other reliable “ally,” President Clinton, for whom an agreement was considered as an essential component for his legacy.

(The subsequent discovery of his foundation receiving hundreds of millions of Islamic contributions, also calls into question, in hindsight, whether he was qualified as a neutral broker in an agreement that would subsequently cost thousands of lives, both Jewish and Arab.)

The Accords also created a narrative that was easily seized-upon by subsequent negotiators as the threshold from which to heap concessions upon Israel, while never applying measurable metrics for Palestinian compliance.

The Oslo I Accords were followed in 1995 by Oslo II. Neither promised Palestinian statehood.

Jerusalem’s new mayor and later Prime Minister Ehud Olmert opposed the agreement. In  particular, he called the ceding of strategic areas around East Jerusalem as a “dark cloud over the city”. Olmert, (considered as center-left in the political-spectrum) had favored the idea of developing Jewish neighborhoods to the East of Jerusalem to expand Jerusalem as the Jewish capital rather than ceding such territories to the Palestinians.

The intention of Oslo was to create a designed step-wise withdrawal of territories conquered  by Israel dating back  to 1948 concealed by a fictitious narrative. Israel would be divided into a checker-board with islands of Jewish populations separated by dozens of  rural Arab villages.  Over time, it would achieve for Israel`s enemies what six major wars couldn`t: Israel`s retreat to indefensible borders, and the restoration of  Bill Clinton`s legacy from ashes. The subsequent discovery that millions of Saudi and other Arab dollars would flow into the Clinton Foundation, was never considered as undermining  Clinton as a legitimate Peace-Broker.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe and Rabin`s own military advisers viewed “the Oslo Accords”, as  a non-starter from being the get-go.

The Oslo Accords would inflict a wound that would slowly hemorrhage the Jewish State by creating an asymmetrical formula: One in which Israel would exchange vital strategic assets for Arab “goodwill”. While ceding control over vital strategic and religious landmarks, the Arabs, for their part, were spared the application of any sort of metrics to measure concepts such as “goodwill”, “incitement”, or the ultimate existential issue for Israel: A signed letter of recognition of their right to exist.

Unlike the Iran Nuclear deal whereby the U.S. would  facilitate Iran`s acceptance into the International Nuclear club.  The deal was written behind closed doors without contingencies or  common-sense methods of verification.  Since two-thirds of Congress has to verify any Treaty, Obama simply bypassed them and it was ratified by the Security Counsel before it became a legal document since “A Treaty not inspected and edited/modified by Congress is not a Treaty”.

Here we see the role of the Government-Media Complex. In order to prevent the civilian host-population from observing the steady escalation of terrorism ushered-in  by Oslo, the threshold required to fulfill the ensuing Jihad would be held to the highest level of political correctness from which no Jewish politician  could in future -negotiations untangle himself.

The Oslo Accords required that Israel, while charged with the moral obligation of occupying only 0.5% of the land-mass in the Middle-East,  yet intended to provide safe-haven to the entire Jewish Nation, in a tiny designated neighborhood, hand-over to “the Palestinians” consecutive land-mass, without receiving anything in return  but further death, hatred, and further incitement.

Step-1 in stopping the bleeding caused by daily stabbings, vehicular terrorism, drive-by shootings, and arson, has to begin by annulling the Oslo Accords, for many of the same reasons as the need to annul the Iranian Nuclear Treaty:

Not because of the daily incitement throughout the “Palestinian” media, schools and Universities (across Israel, Europe, and the U.S.), that creates a threat-level no-longer  regarded  by Jews (even in France) as a “safe-haven” for all.  Rather because the above-mentioned treaties were never executed in good-faith, but as “victory through deception”, which is obvious to anyone familiar with Law.

“The Palestinians” are also aware that they have the unconditional approval of the U.N., E.U. and eight-years of  Obama,  combining this horrible  reality with a virtual freeze on “Jewish Settlements” (while the Arabs increased their building with a vengeance, effectively encircling the Jewish Capital – East Jerusalem (as Olmert warned), which has effectively stifled Israel`s main source of revenue – tourism, failing to foresee that most tourists are reluctant to accept Israel`s new reality (from which trauma-specialists have coined a new term in the trauma-literature – “the Continuous Trauma Paradigm”, referring to the psychological effects of having to live under a continuous threat (See Shalev, American Journal of Psychiatry).

President-Elect Mr.Donald Trump is a realist who can only help Israel once they become rehabilitated from their “Collective Stockholm syndrome” and adjust to what the  the ultimate deal-maker, will immediately recognize as being lethal: A Deal which involves the exchange of  tangible material concessions for a promise of goodwill that passed Clinton and Peres`s threshold for a contract, (like the Iranian Nuclear Treaty) without yielding any security to those in the line of fire.

Today, Oslo is very much alive in the virtual-reality of  Israeli politicians wit large off-shore holdings.  But when asking Arabs living in Israel about it, they will turn a full circle, and pointing a finger in all directions, proclaim that “Every Inch of this land belongs to us. It was given to the Jews as compensation for the Holocaust”. Knowing that the Israelis will always be found guilty by the media for Settlement development; which remains the single obstacle to peace: Explaining the repetitious mantra that “This entire land always belonged to us, and always will” (despite the fact that thousands of Jews lived in Jerusalem since the destruction of the Second Temple by Rome. And a country known as Palestine didn`t even exist during hundreds of years of Muslim rule. Neither Turkey (prior to 1918) nor Jordan (who conquered and occupied East Jerusalem and the “West Bank” from 1948 to 1967), considered it as a potential Palestinian State.

In a 2001 video Netanyahu was recorded asking (about the Oslo Accords): “How did we do it? Nobody said what `defined military zones` were!  And the defined “military zones” are actually “security zones”; as far as I’m concerned, the entire Jordan Valley should be defined as a military zone. “I ‘m going to interpret the accords in such a way that would allow me to put an end to this galloping forward to the ’67 borders”. (Wikipedia)

Perhaps  Mr. Trump  won`t be lured into the obsession of  trying to negotiate with terrorists. even while under fire !

  1. sholom permalink

    who has the audacity to refer to the arch terrorist and murderer arafat (on whom the lubavitcher rebbe said at a public gathering -lag b’omer 5738- YEMACH SHEMO VEZICHRO) as ”MR.”?
    would the writer refer to hitler as “MR.HITLER”?
    whoever wrote that should go back to learning and praying.he would be better off and do better for society.

    • The respondent is objecting to me using the title “Mr. Arafat” who represented the “Palestinian” side, in describing the Oslo Accords where Mr. Yitzchak Rabin and Peres represented the Israeli side in the description of the Accords brokered by Mr. Clinton. He argues that since the author is bringing the Lubavitcher Rebbe`s referral to this individual in terms far-removed from the respect conferred by the title ‘Mr.”. The term used by the Rebbe were “may his name be blotted out for Eternity”. He doesn`t mention that the Rebbe also discouraged any reference to the word “Palestinian”, arguing that the entire “Palestinian” narrative is merely an invented construct: The current status of the P.L.O. has reached an all-time favorability-rating under the Obama Administration, who behind back-door channels has worked with other representatives of the State Department with the U.N. and UNESCO to change the names and status of all the Biblical Jewish shrines and Holy Sites into Arab in order to authenticate the Arabs living in Israel as the true indigenous inhabitants, while de-Judifying their indelible connection to the Jewish Bible. In other words, one sees the effectiveness of the Muslim strategy in colluding with UNESCO with renewed strength under Obama to entirely steel the Jewish narrative to the point of re-designating ownership of Jewish Landmarks to “Palestinian”. Since the creation of the P.L.O. and subsequent negotiations have been undermined because whenever they fail to win through attrition and Intifada, they obtain by Israeli concessions,and failing that, by unilateral declarations of UNESCO. The fact that they used the fabricated term “Palestinian” (while in reality, Palestinians were previously nomads, who were ushered my the Mufti into the area designated by the Balfour Declaration as being a single Jewish State for the Jewish Nation to establish as a Homeland, while respecting the cultural and religious practices of the various minority groups living there.
      I built my case, that Oslo was null-and void as a legal document from the onset, based on the following indisputable arguments:
      While Chairman Arafat represented the Fatah movement, they subsequently divided into multiple terrorist splinter-groups including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and others. This allowed terrorism to continue, while the original group recycled and reconfigured their collective identity, and on each occurrence assigned blame to one of their surrogate front-groups. Next, Abba Mazzen, current leader of the Palestinian Authority, has never conceded Israel`s right to a single iota of land in the Middle-East. Israel made massive successive land-concessions based on the reciprocal commitment of the Arab representatives to restraining violence and its incitement. Instead, violence and incitement continued, a Hamas Coup overthrew Fatah in Gaza, and there was never a semblance of a democratic form of governance to create a leadership structure that could hold onto a single policy-agreement. Since whatever the ‘Palestinian” side did was excused by the U.N. they became progressively emboldened to behave as they felt without repercussion. And now, the discovery that Clinton has been on the payroll of those Arab States undermining progress, calls into question his position as peace-broker.
      Considering the breadth of this argument which challenges the core-foundation of the Oslo Accords, the comment`s focus on the title “Mr.”, for Arafat fails to either support or challenge the author`s concern that a friendlier U.S. Administration might be more attentive to examining the damage to all parties, as the negotiations unfolded. However, to respond to the criticism of my use “Mr.” as applied to Arafat, when describing the agreement, including the location, date, and parties involved, this was extracted directly from Wikipedia without any intention of addressing the merits of how the parties obtained the titles by which they are referred to in the Document. As far as his recommendation that I do something else with my time: I was guided by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to work with, treat, and publish my findings on the Holocaust population under the tutelage of Dr. Lapovsky in 1982. During this time I have published three books and authored 35 peer-reviewed articles, and to-date have merited presenting my findings at meetings of the American Geriatric Psychiatric Association and refereeing for the most prestigious journals on the long-term effects of Psychological Trauma.

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