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The Democratic Party violates the Noahide Laws. A glimpse of the implications of Voting for Hillary

November 7, 2016

A central tenet of all Western, Judaic-derived religions, is the belief that all humanity will eventually stand before the Creator to be judged.

Biblical terms such as “Oath”, “Testament”, or “Law”, all imply that ancient man forged a dynamic contract with the Creator that remains eternally binding.

Furthermore, since He owns this universe, and is not time-limited, there is no escape from judgment, even in death.

Theologians accept that the Seven Laws given to Noah after the flood are perpetually in effect.

The perpetuity of this tradition is its appearance throughout biblical sources such as the Talmud and Midrash.

Reference to the Seven Laws given to Noah is discussed in the Talmud: That early man abided by a Divine Oath of Sacred Laws can be found in ancient Hindu scripture, dating back prior to the Commandments given to Moses at Sinai.

One such script is found in ancient Hindu Manuscripts, -The Upanishads, which agrees that “The Law” is a fundamental template in the creation of the Universe:

“He created the most excellent Law (dharma). Law is the power of powers; therefore, there is nothing higher than the Law. Thereby even a weak man overpowers the stronger, as if receiving the help of the King”. (Robert O. Ballou, Editor, The Bible of the World. Viking Press, New York, 1939, page 41)

Theologians accept that the Seven Laws given to Noah after the flood are perpetually in effect.

The perpetuity of this tradition is its appearance throughout biblical sources such as the Talmud and Midrash.

Theologians, in general, agree that the seven categories of Noahide Law not only maintain civilization, but also demonstrate “obedience to a Creator”.

It therefore behooves ethicists of all denominations to disseminate these seven Noahide laws.

In 1928, Philip Biberfeld published a book listing the Noahide laws according to their serial arrangement in the Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 56 a (“The Bible and the Ancient Code Laws” –appendix, Universal Jewish History, New York, Spero Foundation, 1948):

  1. Justice:  There is an imperative to enforce all forms of social justice, and a prohibition against the miscarriage of justice.
  2. Blasphemy:  The prohibition against speaking about G-d in a disrespectful or profane way.
  3. Idolatry:  Prohibits worshiping idols, monuments, or celestial bodies
  4. Illicit Intercourse: The prohibition against unnatural sexual behavior or incest.
  5. Homicide: The prohibition against extrajudicial killing a non-combatant
  6. Theft: The prohibition against taking another`s possessions.
  7. The prohibition of removing or eating the flesh or limb of a living animal eating the flesh of a living animal).

In conclusion, centuries of discussion regarding the Seven Noahide Laws appear to impose on all of mankind an eternal moral code of truth based on antiquity

  • Have sources in the Midrash and Talmud
  • Constitute an enduring legal and moral authority on all mankind
  • Provide a legitimate reference for international Law


Maimonides explains that at the end of days “The Supreme King will reveal His Presence which will become as apparent as the water fills the oceans”.

In my Tri-Tripartite Theory of Trauma, I refer to a “caretaker” as any individual (e.g., a parent), civilian organization (e.g., “Child Protective Services”), governmental bureau or authorized agency. In many instances, as illustrated in various chapters, the caretaker becomes the predator. This happens most often in domestic settings, when a parent abuses his or her child, and evidence emerges that the Caretaker colluded with the predator, mysteriously absent, or (from the victim’s perspective), “should have known”.

The Tripartite Theory also applies to a multiple to multiple instances involving political terrorism. What I encourage the reader to examine not only the psychological damage of trauma to the victim, but also the relationships between the caretaker and perpetrator, as well as the too-frequent failures of civilian governmental agencies (such as the Department of Health; and the Dept. of Food and Agriculture).

The recent discovery of close partnerships between large for-profit corporate manufactures and their government-regulators including the Pharmaceutical industry by-passes the checks-and-balances that normally empower the civilian population to monitor doses and ingredients of their food-products and water supplies.

A government, in addition to its responsibility to its citizens in its Caretaker responsibilities, is also responsible for governance, via Courts of Justice.  In addition to its Constitutional obligations to protect the civil-rights, autonomy, and sense of safety of its civilians, it`s inclusion in the Seven Noahide Laws, confers a Biblical obligation.

According to Maimonides, there are twenty Laws enumerated from the total list of Six Hundred and Thirteen Laws in the Torah that fall under the Noahide obligation of “Justice”.

I will list several that are pertinent to the current Democratic template; and, more-specifically, to the Clintons, both individually, as well as their Foundation.

If correct, the anecdotes that I will raise, show a willful disregard of the Rule of Law by these standards.

The Laws will be listed, together with those items that form an integral part of stated policies and factual behaviors that clearly violate one of the Seven Noahide Laws.

I will begin with some examples of imperatives enumerated by the Torah that meet the requirements of the Laws of Noah on Justice.

Their violation of Torah Law would religiously prohibit anyone from providing them any form of support: from financial, to empowering or validating them. Any individual or organization that supports a government that explicitly violates any of these Laws, is a crime in the eyes of God, for which they lose their place in the World to Come.

  • The requirement to treat litigants equally before the Law (Positive Mitzvah 176)
  • To inquire diligently into the testimony of a witness (Positive Mitzvah 179)
  • The wanton miscarriage of Justice by the court (Negative Mitzvah 273)
  • A judge accepting a bribe or gift from a litigant (Negative Mitzvah 274)
  • The judge showing marks of honor to but one of the litigants (Negative Mitzvah 275)
  • Against the Judge acting out of fear or under threat of a litigant`s threats (Negative Mitzvah 276)

The Lubavitcher Rebbe consistently articulated the obligation to support the party or candidate in a political election whose ideology was consistent with the ways of the Torah, and the Noahide Laws.

Since the platform of the current Democratic party promotes values that clearly violate the Noahide Laws, Torah prohibits both Gentile and Jew from electing any candidate, of any religion representing this party, since it clearly violates the Laws of Noah, Moses, the prophets, our sages, and our Master Maimonides.

I will bring three examples:

“Thou shalt not kill”.  Late-Trimester abortions not performed to save the life of the mother fall under this category. Anyone who destroys a viable fetus is regarded by the Torah and Seven Noahide Laws as having transgressed the Commandment against the murder. This includes those supporting, legislating, or participating through membership in or sponsorship of “Planned Parenthood” -a euphemism for genocide.

The failure of the present government to save the lives of the tragic victims of Benghazi are as guilty as the terrorists, since the victims called for help, and their appeals were ignored. Withholding Caretaking function from citizens who could and should have been rescued implicates anyone involved in withholding assistance, or suppressing information about this dereliction of duty, have the blood of the victims on their hands.

Anyone who knows about this crime and supports the individuals responsible for their deaths, places themselves in collusion with the criminals by supporting them, rather than holding them to be judged by fair courts of Justice.

The collusion between the Hillary Clinton, the Justice Department, and the media via bribes, duress, or any form of incentive preventing full accountability for the failure to protect citizens who became victims of terrorism are in violation of the Laws of Noah on Justice (Maimonides Negative Mitzvah 273-275).

If the citizens of the United States elect a candidate who persistently showed dereliction of her duties in Caretaking towards the citizens of the country by whom she was employed, they share the responsibility of the death and suffering resulting from such dereliction of Caretaking responsibilities. Furthermore, they have heard the testimony of the families of the victims yet re-elect those who failed to protect them, are in collusion of this crime.

Without appropriate repentance, which is far from forthcoming, they lose their place in the World to Come and will be considered as guilty in the Heavenly Court.

In similar function, government officials, whether in Europe or the United States, who put the interests of strangers ahead of the welfare and safety of their own citizens, whether by prisoner-release, wanton disregard for national security, or the facilitation of transfer of resources or intellectual information belonging to the people for personal gain, are all in violation of their caretaker function.

They too, are responsible for any past or future harm to the citizens to whom they were charged to protect.

There is no more flagrant indication of lack of remorse than to re-elect candidates belonging to that political party. Whether they lend support to the guilty party by virtue of their vote, financial assistance,  obstruction of prosecution, or willful dissemination of disinformation, they are guilty and lose their right to the World to Come.

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