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Comment by Rabbi from Dynasty of King David regarding the 2016 U.S. Election

November 1, 2016

First time Rabbi from King-David Dynasty warns of catastrophic result if Hillary wins

Source: Comment by Rabbi from Dynasty of King David regarding the 2016 U.S. Election

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    At the end of Days the Temple of King Solomon will be restored in its original place. The House of David will be restored who will re-establish the Court of One Hundred and Twenty Sages (Sanhedrin) will be re-established. In addition, the Gentile Nations will be required to establish Courts and Judges where all existing Law will be held to a Universal Noahide Code. The entire treatise has been published in Hebrew by Rabbi Moshe Weiner and translated into English by Dr. Michael Schulman. Following the Directive by the Lubavitcher Rebbe a project was spearheaded by Rabbi Emanuel Schochet. When the Sheva Mitzvas Hashem (Hebrew) was published the Rebbe requested that the Seven Categories of Law applicable to all Gentiles be categorized corresponding with Sefer Hamitzvas by Maimonides and Sefer Hachinuch by Minchas Eleazar. After receiving this compilation by his trusted Secretary, Scholar, and Translator (Rabbi Mindel) the Rebbe Himself wrote copious footnotes and comments. This remains unpublished, which is unfortunate since it can be regarded not-only as the definitive rendition of the Written and Oral Torah crowning a span of about 10-years, but the Rebbe`s input renders it as the definitive legal and moral platform compiled specifically by the Rebbe as a guide to all mankind facing the current crises of morality facing Western Society trapped in a collective Anomie derived by the vacuum of Law and Order with the inversion of morality created by the abdication of moral responsibility which has been outsourced to self-serving globalists

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