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Vehicular Terrorism can be added to Terror-Tunnels, and knife-attacks in the Intifada that was never called one

February 16, 2016

The Shulchan Aruch is far smarter than Israel`s Cabinet and military commanders: “One has to violate the Sabbath to remove even a questionable threat” ,Talmud, Mesechta Shabbos). For all of its boasting and arranged press-leaks, the risk from the terror-tunnels constitutes a clear and present danger to all of Israel`s citizens. Were it not for miracles, thousands of Jews would have died, had Hamas carried-out its planned underground invasion two Rosh Hashana`s ago. Since Obama and Kerry now call the shots in Israeli politics, the “can was kicked down the road”, even though Israel was positioned to completely eliminate the threat of Hamas following their last war in Gaza. Instead 65 Israeli soldiers lost their lives for no reason at all: The proof is that the same threat that existed then continues into the present. Combine that with the continuing Intifada (where Israel`s leaders continue to dilly-dally), the fact that the West-Bank is a terrorist hotbed, without even mentioning the main threat from Iran and Hezbollah from the north. Which explains why Westerners, even those under threat in the diaspora, are weary from jumping from the frying-pan into the fire. The net-effect of incidents like this, send a message of a system of self-governance without a clearly articulated collective self-narrative. A product of failing to articulate some basic Judaic values like “Though shall not kill” as a requirement to be part of a shared society, civilization is built on the Biblical assumption of government to draw a line defining those who refuse to accept this basic tenet of all Godly Law, whereby all mankind accepts the right of others to exist. Since Israel`s leaders still prefer political correctness to What Freud called “the Reality Principal”, the net-effect is Israel`s projection of weakness, ambivalence, and existential confusion. Which sends a very mixed-message to those of us in the diaspora. While all Jews in the diaspora are currently under threat, and many are endangered, the alternative, (making Aliyah to Israel), fails to convince the majority of a secure future. Instead of taking drastic steps to face the reality of a pervasive mortal threat, Israel`s endless attempts to accommodate everyone, from Europe`s leaders to the Women of the Wall robs us of our personal and collective narrative. This Collective – Identity – Breakdown has been has been well studied. Clinical labels range Stockholm syndrome (wanting to be European, Progressive-Liberal, holding ourselves to a moral code imposed on us by our “Masters”), to “Anomie”. That is the apparent cause of the community and its leaders being immobilized and pretending to be helpless..

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