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Archetypal Envy and Anti-Semitism

December 3, 2015

Scholars the likes of Sartre have devoted books towards understanding the origins of Antisemitism, the Blood Libel, the Holocaust, and now, seventy years later, movements like the B.D.S., whose goal was captured last month in the gesture symbolized by the E.U.: Actually placing the “Yellow Star of David” on products made in Biblical Israel. I say that because the Biblical “Bible Belt” happens to be what is currently labelled (and not by coincidence) the “Occupied West Bank”. One erudite expose of the issue of “envy” at an Archetypal level was hypothesized by the prominent Jungian psychiatrist Edward Edinger: In this allegory, the central character, Ishmael, becomes obsessed with hunting-down Moby Dick, a giant harmless whale, unfortunate enough to become the “trigger” of an amorphous genocidal rage. Its cosmic origins, Edinger proposes, as being the alienation experience of Ishmael, following the birth of Isaac. What was the moment of Ishmael`s fall from grace ? The realization that the event of Isaac`s birth demoted Ishmael from being Abraham`s only son, to one of illegitimacy, since his mother, Hagar, was only Abraham`s servant, while Isaac`s mother was Sarah Abraham`s only wife. Isaac`s birth to Sarah in her older years lead to their mutual fixation on this miracle-child, Isaac, who one could argue, was the first Jewish child, since Abraham had converted to Monotheism. As a result of the birth of Isaac, Ishmael was not only stripped of being his father`s heir,(Genesis 21:9) but fell into a state of deep existential alienation and personal shame. In the world of Carl Jung (the noted disciple of Freud), the dominant dimension of human experience is within the outer shell of the universe. However, our outer-domain carries multiple sub-narratives that were encoded by our Biblical Forefathers into a cosmic DNA template, similar to how the genetic coding of a single cell carries, and influences the all of those occurrences affecting its destiny. The wrath facing the Jewish Nation today by the collective envy of the nations is not new. Failing for two thousand years of exile to destroy us physically warranted a change in methodology. But this time our enemies appear to have succeeded on two fronts: Reassigning the Jewish narrative to the “Palestinians” was one crucial component, hence UNESCO`s obsession with removing and destroying archeological evidence linking the Jewish Nation to the Bible and the land of Judea and Samaria. Every Jewish Shrine in the Jewish Bible Belt has been renamed by UNESCO to effectively become Muslim shrines. Rewriting history provides the Palestinians symbols for an Islamic narrative that didn`t even exist when the events occurred (like Rachel`s Tomb). But there is something far more sinister, one which calls to question whether the Jewish Nation will survive: The Camp David and Oslo Accords brought to fruition a reality on the ground that expressed Jewish acquiescence to a sham political entity competing not only for Jewish land, but for the Jewish narrative. The Palestinians don`t mind how long they have to wait. The Islamic world has used Western Courts (such as the Hague), to transfer myth into a legal reality. The Jews must be “occupiers” if they say so themselves. Israeli secular courts allow Muslims to pray on the Temple Mount, not Jews. The Israeli government ceded Joseph`s Shrine to the P.A., an organization that didn`t exist before 1964, and to Muslims, whose religion was formed six hundred years following he destruction of the second Jewish Temple. This is the result of the deliberate and meticulous hijacking, deconstruction, and re-engineering of the foundations of Jewish history and Civilization from a historical period that preceded the Jewish Temples. Why these activities by UNESCO were so important was because it redesigned the template encoding the word “Israel” at its spiritual core. That the West would want to do this is understandable. Since 1979 is the birthday of the Islamic Revolution and the Camp-David Accords, (by no coincidence), successive Israeli Administrations colluded-with, and legislated a mythology designed to replace Israel`s G-d-given Narrative of Truth and Divine Morality by just agreeing to their big-lie: Confess for being “occupiers and oppressors”, or agree to die by either the sword or economic isolation. These mythologies are the precursors of the Stockholm syndrome, where the hostage is willing to sacrifice his personal beliefs for a crust of bread. Just say “this land is your land” and BDS will leave you alone.

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