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UNESCO Allowed Destruction of Jewish Artefacts in East Jerusalem

October 22, 2015

UNESCO is an organization that since it`s inception has waged a political, and cultural war not only against the Jewish State, but against the historical connection of the Jewish Nation to the Holy-Land. By destroying and removing Jewish Artifacts from the original Temple built by King Solomon, UNESCO now attempts to legitimize the P.L.O by rewriting history, and reassigning ownership of the Jewish Temple.


The UN’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) bore its first fruits this week their efforts when they won acceptance as a full state by a majority count of member states.

It is not a coincidence that the PLO/PA decided to apply for membership for “Palestine” at UNESCO first. Since 1974, UNESCO has been an enthusiastic partner in the Palestinians’ bid to erase Jewish history, heritage and culture in the Land of Israel from the historical record.

In 1974, UNESCO voted to boycott Israel and to “withhold assistance from Israel in the fields of education, science and culture because of Israel’s persistent alteration of historic features in Jerusalem.”

UNESCO’s moves to deny Jewish ties to Jerusalem and the rest of historic Israel have continued unabated ever since. For instance, in 1989, UNESCO condemned “Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem,” claiming it was destroying the city through “acts of interference, destruction and transformation.”

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