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Donald Trump fights back

July 5, 2015

The people of the U.S. have seen few as effective as Donald Trump who can challenge the corporate bullies who have already effectively shut-down public debate in the U.S. There is a problem with political correctness when it prevents a nation from discussing its own survival. This is a massive tactic used by the left-wing in preventing discussion on several issues, including one as vital as allowing the country to establish secure borders. The threats made by the Mexican government and a variety of left-wing -dominated industries to boycott Trump are really driven by Trump`s refusal to conform to their high standards of always being very polite. Which country in the world allows a guest to remain indefinitely and then claim full citizen-rights? In particular when it’s promoted by an Administration whose agenda is that of radical transformation through a demographic conquest from the south?  An invasion that threatens local economies, changes our language and culture, and threatens national security. But in the U.S., if a Presidential candidate dares threatening to secure the border with Mexico, his rivals use the ploy of “political correctness” to silent him at any cost. Can a Democracy survive if it’s unable to discuss its right to stop a tidal wave of illegal immigrants through an open border because that’s “impolite”? The storm in the teapot about the Miss America Pageant, touches on the larger question: whether there’s any longer a place for forceful articulation of views that don’t conform to the tunnel-vision of what’s regarded as being fair in a public debate?   While the liberal left continues their attack on all normative social values, they also vigilantly control the rules of conduct in this public debate. Unfortunately, many of the elements determining whether this nation can survive involves confronting underlying truths that are impolite. It’s not only the illegal aliens and their “unalienable rights”. The list includes other unpleasant realities: While 90% of the population are “straight”, and willing to indulge the gay minority, at some point they begin to resent an Administration for persistently promoting an agenda that deforms the definition of normative family structure. Yet the 10% (or less) keep pushing some aspect of their narrative, while disqualifying forceful articulation of dissenting views as “impolite”. So whoever intended to bully their way past Trump, was just reminded that Trump`s counter-narrative resonates more with public opinion than they`d wished for. The corporate powers supporting these special-interest groups may just have met their match in Mr. Trump`s “straight-talk”. If they`d been counting on ramming through their unpalatable vision of our future by disqualifying Trump`s passionate articulation as being impolite, they`d be well-advised to find a new tactic in stacking the deck against an unexpected Conservative “Trump-Card”.

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