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The New Israel Fund

March 15, 2015

When the Arab Spring Uprising began most of us believed it was a call for democratic change.

But there were some skeptics who saw it as a masquerade for assertion of Islamic dominance Afghanistan and Iran, through Syria, Lebanon, Judea and Samaria, to link southwards with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and down the Horn of Africa to Yemen and Somalia.

When the dust settles, Israel`s survival may be determined by a run-off between the secular and those of extreme faith.

Secular Israeli`s represent the vast majority.

This is by design, not demographic or cultural evolution.

As an example, Sephardic Yemenite Jews, (who had remained strictly orthodox for the previous thousand years, (under the authority of the King of Yemen), had their side-locks cut upon their arrival at (Theodore Herzl’s modern version of) the Chosen Land.

During the 1950`s, many religious refugees from Muslim countries, as well as children who survived Europe`s Death Camps, were sent to Communist-style kibbutzim where education mandated the exclusion of learning about religion or the Holocaust.

As one of my patients who grew up on one of these kibbutzim told me, “I only found out I was Jewish when I turned thirteen and I was visited by my parents who told me it was my “Bar Mitzvah”.

One could say that the idealized Persona for the “new-generation” of Israeli was as far-removed as possible from the pious submissive Jew who`s religion and culture had been incinerated in Hitler`s Death Camps.

Now, a generation later, a new generation of atheists is attempting behind the veil of left-wing umbrella-groups like the New Israel Fund (NIF) to be heading for a final showdown.

Yair Lapid, who has formed a party to run in the next Knesset election, admits openly that the true agenda of the protest is to definitely establish Israel as a secular State.

Lapid, whose father once headed the anti-religious “Shinui” party, claims his that he can now form alliances with other minorities, thus establishing a de-facto majority or plurality among secularists. (Yediot Aharonot, Sunday August 7th 2011). “Israel’s secular majority don’t think that Judaism is all about a hill in Samaria and is finally fighting back.”

Lapid proceeded to attack “nationalists, who believe they can build an illegal home, on illegal land, and then fight with the police officers who come to evict them”.

Referring to Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, Lapid commented “they decided that G-d has to arrange a home on a hill for them in an ideological backyard.”

Terrorist groups representing the Islamic Revolution are making dramatic strides in seeking Statehood, or forging military alliances with them.  Examples are the alliances between Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and Abbas.

This alliance creates a Caliphate running from Iran through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon in the North.

The Obama Administration`s policy-reversal of ensuring that Iran become a nuclear threshold State, guarantees the newly established Caliphate Superpower status as it takes its final steps to place Israel in an indefensible stranglehold.

In the “new world order,” the Administration is joining hands with a coalition if world-leaders with their own wide-reaching vision of a new map of the “Middle East”.

In case you`re worried, things get worse: The left-wing Jewish intelligentsia has aligned itself with the likes of Hertzog and Livni, Peace Now, Jay Street, and the New Israel Fund, to create Israel`s fifth column.

Religious nationalists, targeted by the likes of Lapid are actually concerned about survival, rather than a home to build on a hill in Judea to fulfill some ancient ideological dream.

While the combined toll of concessions, appeasements, the accumulative effect of peace-initiatives, and the restrictive self-imposed restraints emanating from the Goldstone Report is now forced to square-off against a belligerent nuclear-powered Islamic Caliphate, Israel now finds itself painted into a doomsday scenario.

Within this context it is worth taking note of the seemingly unrelated threat posed by the new Israel Fund.

Operating behind dozens of satellite organizations, one of the NIF`s primary missions is the depiction of Israel to the world as an oppressive military regime dedicated to the persecution of its Arab minority.

The “master plan” behind its strategy involves a multi-pronged attack aimed at isolating and demoralizing the Jewish State by incrementally tarnishing its public image.\With millions of dollars at their disposal, NIF affiliates such as the “International Solidarity Movement” (ISM), and the left wing Reform “Rabbis for Human Rights” have successfully filed discrimination lawsuits against Settlements such as Itamar.

Such legislation paved the “E-Z Pass” for the terrorists to carry-out the Fogel killings.

The expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif by the Israeli government led by Livni and  the Kadima Party to carry-out the largest forced Jewish population transfer since Eichmann`s deportation of 85,000 Jews from Budapest to Auschwitz in 1944.

Placed in make-shift shanty`s without work or compensation, most of these Settlers have now disappeared, thanks to the ensuing ravages of divorce, unemployment, displacement, despair, and drugs.

The Fogels were one family that stuck together in a Settlement which was meant to offer them safety. A rural life for a religious family with simple needs living the most frugal of lives.

None of this could not have occurred without the legal groundwork sponsored and carefully devised by the NIF.

As Mr. Netanyahu pointed out, the U.N. Conference on Racism held in Durban in 2000 encrypted the propaganda-template for the International community`s onslaught against Israel currently being enacted by these left-wing groups.

The ongoing measures adopted by the U.N. Commission on Human Rights at the Durban-2000 Conference have been disseminated by multiple splinter-groups affiliated with the New Israel Fund.

The fund’s financial reports show that in the years 2006-2008 donations to the N.I.F. totaled $7,805,226.

The N.I.F. now boasts the following accomplishments:

The enforcement of boycotts of Israeli-manufactured goods and all locally grown products

  • A hostile environment at university campuses throughout the world which bans the participation of Israeli scholars from the attendance of academic conferences
  • The exclusion of Israeli professors from joining faculty at English and other European graduate schools
  • Travel restrictions on Israeli military personnel and government officials arising from a fear of indictment for “war crimes”
  • Marginalizing the country’s most talented thinkers by limiting invitations to Israeli academics, scientists, musicians, and other performance artists
  • Curtailing freedom of travel to Israeli diplomats, including those from the intelligence community
  • Restricting attendance at world trade summits to emerging  technologies
  • Galvanizing world opinion to threaten further sanctions and boycotts

While the general mission of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights is to innovate and exploit emerging crises such as Operation Protective Shield, the Gaza Blockade, and mass protests over “Cost of Housing”, the Goldstone Report remains its “crown-jewel”, since it culminates decades of designed to undermine every aspect crucial to Israel`s survival.

Without the mythology propagated by NIF’s propaganda-Czars, Goldstone would have had nothing on which to have based most of his claims.

When reading the findings of the Goldstone Commission against the IDF and Israel, the language used is identical to that already posted on the NIF Website.

Carefully devised, the instrument places legal restraint on Israel from legitimately defending itself, by inducing a state of “learned-helplessness”.




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