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ISIS OR ISIL. Whats in a name ? More than meets the eye

February 25, 2015

ISIL is an acronym for “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant”.

The word “Levant” carries significant religious meaning, and has powerful symbolic connotations in satanical cults. It is specifically associated with end-of day imagery of an apocalypse.

The following information downloaded from Wikipedia explains the meaning of the acronym “ISIL” when describing the force rampaging across Iraq and Syria, and which has overrun Libya, Yemen, and parts of Somalia and Nigeria.

It is composed of a partnership of radical Shiites and Sunnis, the Mullahs of Iran, President Assad of Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in Egypt, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and various radical Al Quada groups operating in Afghanistan, Pakistan.

News first noted that Obama used the term 5 times at a Press Report on June13, and then 16 times in his commencement speech at West Point on June19th 2014.

He then embraced the term together with his close aids without being asked to explain why.

For Islam, Levant appears with the return of Mohammed, at which time his religious caliphate will be established. The areas falling under its immediate conquest will include not only Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen, but will expand to include Iran, the Arabic Peninsula, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey.

Its goal is to impose a world-wide caliphate in stages, beginning with Levant in the Middle East, and then quickly spreading through the rest of Europe to Italy, home to the Vatican, since Christianity is currently the world`s dominant religion.

It subscribes to the strictest literal interpretations of the Koran and Islamic teachings, rooted in 18th-century religious-philosophy called known as Wahhabism.

Its ideology is focused on a return to the “truth faith” of the first caliphate established after the death of Mohammed.

The result is a puritanical practice of Islam requiring man’s exclusive allegiance to Allah.

The conquest of Europe is its ultimate mission, since Islam views itself historically as a victim of military defeats, colonization, and financial exploitation by the Europeans.

In contrast, since the time of its inception in the 7th century, the Jewish nation has been living in exile, and never had the occasion to dominate Islam.

While the old Jewish Temple in East Jerusalem was captured by Israel from Jordan during the Six Day War, Israeli secular leaders ensured not to provoke the ire of the Sheik, quickly returning the Temple Mount to the Islamic leader.

Western liberalism provided an ideal opportunity for Muslims to penetrate social, and educational institutions throughout Europe where it lay dormant for a generation.

While Levant was always part of Islamic doctrine, the declaration of open Jihad against the West began with the Islamic Revolution in Iran with the nod of approval from President Carter in 1979.

From the onset of President Obama`s tenure in the Whitehouse, he began a dramatic outreach campaign that appeared to be embracing Islamic Revolutions, while failing to support similar democracy-seeking popular movements in the Middle-East.

  • Obama`s first visit as Head of State was to Cairo.
  • He turned his back on a pro-Western uprising in Iran.
  • He supported the short-lived presidency of Morsi in Egypt and never concealed his disapproval of Egypt’s current secular leader Sisi.
  • He supported the overthrow of Gaddafi and assisted in the destabilization of Libya.
  • When the rebels in Libya realized that the U.S. was supporting Assad against the rebels, they acted-out their sense of betrayal by kidnapping, torturing, and killing Ambassador Stevens.
  • Following the fall of Hussein, he insisted on the removal of the American advisors in Iraq thus removing support for its fledgling secular democracy.
  • For several years he denied the threat of ISIS
  • When it could no-longer be ignored, he limited American containment of ISIS to areas not being disputed by President Assad.
  • He has refused to arm the Kurds
  • While pretending to support the free-uprising in Syria, he refused to allow a “no-fly-zone”, allowing President Assad to murder 150,000 civilians.
  • He reversed a thirty-year policy of Iranian containment.

In the Satanic Bible, the word Levant is negatively derived from Hebrew tradition of a giant ocean mammal, Leviathan, which will be served at the time of redemption.

The Church of Satan was inspired to use Levant as a graphic symbol as the Prince of Envy, one of the “Four Crown Princes from Hell” that will herald in the final apocalypse. This is accepted as fundamental in the teachings of Demonology.

Levant found its way into political treatise by adopting the political theology of Hobbes, who created the doctrine of Scholasticism, a practical politique designed to rescue society from its own ill-fortune.

Hobbes`s political doctrine is based on a belief that human psychology is intrinsically malevolent, (which he refers to as a summum malum). In the absence of any greater good (summum bonum) or human goodwill, Hobbes viewed the fate of man as one of doom.

His remedy was to establish a political community orientated and organized by principals of governance that instill the fear of violent death in all.

Another mechanism on which Hobbes`s political system thrives, is by fermenting a state of confusion, to the point of confusing the meanings and definitions of everyday words.

Hobbes Laws of Nature preclude the value of culture, commodities, and the removal of instruments required for the acquisition of knowledge, the account of time, arts, or any of the instruments currently used by society.

Instead, Hobbes advocated erecting a Commonwealth with the authority to command all subjects in all things.

He explained that it would require a sovereign leader to represent the people, even those who disagree.

Order is promoted by the fear of punishment when failing to abide by the performance of the Commonwealth`s Covenants.

The sovereign exists because the majority has consented to his rule. The minority agreed to abide by this arrangement.

Since the Sovereign has the right to do whatever he thinks necessary for the preserving of peace and security and prevention of discord, he alone can be the of judge all opinions and doctrines.

All subjects submit to the rule of the Sovereign and he cannot be accused of injustice.

Since he acts for the wellbeing of the Commonwealth he alone determines who shall speak to multitudes.

His authority includes being the exclusive judge in all cases, when to make war and peace as he sees fit and to command the army, the choice of counsellors, ministers, magistrates and officers.

He establishes laws about honor and a scale of worth, and determines who is rewarded with riches and honor, or the nature of punishment.

He rejects the idea of Separation of Powers, in particular the form practiced under the United States Constitution.

Any successive covenant cannot override a prior one, and the subjects of the Commonwealth cannot lawfully change the form of governance.

The Commonwealth Doctrine can be applied to the Islamic State since it currently represents a “fight against the normative world order” and the establishment of Shia rule.

One particular Sunday evening’s episode of the History Channel’s, hit-series “The Bible”, a Mark Burnett-produced series, threw up an awkward coincidence, when viewers noticed that Satan, played by actor Mehdi Ouzaani, bore a remarkable resemblance to President Obama.

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