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Mandatory Vaccination enters the 2016 Presidential debate

February 5, 2015

Since depopulation via vaccination (euphemistically called “planetary stabilization” by scientists such as Bill Gates) is key to the reduction of carbon emissions and global-warming, the topic was launched this week as one of the “talking points” for the 2016 election by Megan Kelly of Fox News-Channel.

Those being exposed to this debate for the first time had an opportunity to witness a far more challenging lesson: the methodology of how the “dumbing-down” process begins and ends. A series of “medical experts” such as Dr. Gupta, Dr. Robert Lahita, and even Dr. Charles Krauthammer jumped into the fray, quickly dismissing the notion that being vaccinated runs any significant medical risk worthy of consideration.

Dr. Gupta contended that vaccines don`t cause Autism because the actual amount of viral antigen is less now than was found in the old vaccines. He argued that those people claiming kids get too many vaccines are factually wrong. Conceding that a child receives about thirty five shots before entering the public school system, he contends that viral antigen-load has actually been reduced over time.

That doesn`t address the issue of the use of live versus dead virus, the simultaneous administration of multiple heterogeneous viruses, the accumulative effect of toxic preservatives such as Mercury and Aluminum, and the danger posed by the emergence of recombinants.

Fox News`s “Kelly File” featured Dr. Robert Lahita as a “medical expert” who used the opportunity to level the usual and cursory insults of Dr. Wakefield claiming that the British Medical Council disciplined him for fabricating his findings on children “many of whom turned out not to have Autism”.

It’s extremely difficult for a lay-person to contest arguments by so-called experts, particularly when they themselves are misinformed.  Useful idiots have led the charge in a widespread disinformation campaign of “dumbing-down” the public.

Viewers are deprived the opportunity to hear a vigorous a vigorous debate where some of the dogma can be challenged.

Not only is the public being fed a false narrative, but is totally unaware of the sinister sub-narrative that’s creating such passion on the subject.

The proponents of mandatory vaccines need to present conscientious objectors as those who represent a radical fringe movement opposed to traditional medicine.

One way of opening the discussion would be to simply ask the question:

“If I want to be protected myself against Measles, can I receive a straight Measles Vaccine?”  The answer would be “no, but…..”

This approach would reframe the topic in a way that demonstrates that the debate is more about the exploitation of vaccinations by policy-makers. Devious back-room deals between Pharmaceutical mega-corporations and policy-makers flushes-out and reframes the real issues in a way that needs to be avoided at all costs.

It would lead to the discovery that upon initiation of the M.M.R Program, Merck Pharmaceuticals had the U.K and U.S.A. agree to pull the single-strain Measles Vaccine from the market.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a Pediatric Gastroenterologist who sat on the Vaccination Safety Commission in the U.K. Following his suspension, those who testified against him were found either to be on payroll or the recipients of stock in Merck Pharmaceuticals (who signed a multi-billion contract with the governments of the U.K and U.S.A.).

When taking your child for his Measles shot, rather than receiving an attenuated single-strain virus, he is given a cocktail of live Measles, Mumps and Rubella, viruses together with several chemicals sneaked preservatives. These include formaldehyde, magnesium, mercury, aluminum and Thimerosal. Not only is the child being given live-virus, but a combined challenge of three completely different viruses that have been chemically preserved and mixed into a single shot.

When studied in human fibroblast tissue cultures, chemicals such as Mercury and Thimerosal attack intracellular D.N.A. By this process, when RNA from different viral strains come together, “recombinant strains” emerge de-facto by “cutting and pasting” the genetic narratives from free-floating viral strands.

Creating new viral hybrids is forbidden by Jewish Law as it violates the prohibition against “mixing of the species”, under the Halacha of “Kelayim”. After entering the body, M.M.R. deconstructs into R.N.A. fragments that create a viral entity that never before existed and which the body has no way of contending with. Dr. Lahita`s argument of “less accumulative antigen load” has no relevance to this argument whatsoever.

If one takes up the argument of Dr. Lahita that “some in Dr. Wakefield`s sample-population turned out not all to have Autism”, one could use the opportunity to expand the breadth of conscious awareness in the debate by noting, that following the Measles-outbreak in Southern Wales there was a spike in reports of other rare childhood illnesses within the vaccinated community; independent of Autism and inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Pathology reports on inflamed bowel biopsied by Dr. Wakefield affected showed patterns of inflammation similar to that found in the joint-space of children post – M.M.R presenting with Lupus-like Inflammatory Joint Disease and the spinal fluid of children post – M.M.R. presenting with Acute Meningitis and Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

Another embarrassing question that would emerge upon challenging Bill Gates`s logic would be: “if M.M.R. protects against three lethal infectious diseases, how does it fulfill the agenda of population –reduction “?

This discussion touches only a single issue in the debate. The public has been so trusting of the medical establishment that few question other vaccinations routinely given without sound scientific explanation such as the routine administration of newborns to live Hepatitis B Virus.

To get the full story: Dr. Humphries is one of the signers of the groundbreaking new document just released by the International Medical Council on Vaccination, called VACCINES: Get the Full Story:


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