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The Zohar and Creation. Chapter 2

September 29, 2013

 The purpose of G-d revealing His Six Emotional Attributes (Bara-Shis) to the created universe was in order that mankind receive the merit (and reward) for partnering in the perfection of G-d`s creation.

Bara’ begins with the second letter in the alphabet is explained in the Zohar, “as a term of mystery, a lock without a key”.

As long as the universe remained locked within the term ‘Bara’, it remained “pre-formative”; meaning, not in a state of being, or existence, but rather in a state of “Tohu” (chaos and fragmentation); hovering over the world.

When did the key appear and open the gate?

It was when Avraham appeared. As is written in Genesis, 11, 4):

“These are the generations of the heavens and the earth Be-Hi-Baram (when they were created).”
 This would also imply that when G-d created the world, He used the final letter of His Name, (Hey).

Using this “schema”, the Sefiros of Chochma and Binah only “Encompass” the “Revealed World” of Z`eir Anpin (the Six Luminaries comprising the Aramaic “Shis” of the word “Bara-Shis”).

 (In relation to) the union between Chochma and Binah, there are in fact, more pristine pre-formative levels, commencing prior to the “Original Contraction” or Tzimtzum Ha`Rishon).

These would include a (relatively speaking) “Upper” union of, “Abba and Imma” as well as (relatively speaking) a “Lower Union” of Yisroel Sabah `U` Tevunah.

The creation of the Feminine Principal “Nukvah”, is accomplished by this “Lower “union (N`H`Y`) of Yisroel Sabah `U` Tevunah.

Z`eir Anpin evolves from the above-mentioned “Lower Union” (between N`H`Y of Av and Eim).

Harav Levi Yitzchak Schneursohn, in a published letter to his son Menachem Mendel Schneursohn prior to his marriage to the daughter of the Sixth Rebbe of Lubavitch, explains that while the ultimate unity between Z`eir Anpin and Malchus, (heaven and earth) will becomes revealed in the Messianic Era, this unity could not have occurred had the entire chain of unfolding (Seder Hishtalshlus) not already have occurred.

A perfectly symmetrical alignment between masculine and feminine principals was already in a state of pre-existence.

Rabbi Levi Yitzhak`s Anthropomorphic descriptions are consistent with Rabbi Isaac Luria`s Archetypal Templates for Chassan (masculine) and Kallah (feminine).

The Template for Chassan (whether it is located ‘internally’ in Av (or Chochma), or ‘externally’ in `Yisroel Sabbah` (or Yesod); (also symbolized as Yud {Chochma}, and Vav or `Yisroel Sabbah` (Kisvei H` Chasonah page 288, Toras Menachem Drushei Chasonah,).

The Zohar and most Authoritative Kabalistic writings often use a term such as “Day” when referring to the dimension of `time`. But the spiritual world of Atzilus also functions as a template for other dimensions that were integral aspects of creation, which include space and location of “soul-consciousness”.

The general position of the Zohar`s entire commentary on the Torah is to reveal its multi-dimensionality.

To this extent, Kabala in general will use numerology, spatial configuration of text, and other principles that are accepted as fundamental exogenesis to derivative learning.

Even when The Zohar is referring to the Six Emotive aspects of Atzilus (comprising the Six Sefiros of Z`eir Anpin) in the context of “Creation” (of soul, time, and space), it uses the term “Primordial Days”.

There is a distinction between “Days”, and “Primordial Days”, since the former is measured within the dimension of our lower “World of Action”. This, in relation to the sublime Celestial world of “Atzilus”, where the equivalence of one “Primordial Day” (in Atzilus), representing a thousand years of time (where is measured after the Tzimtzumim of descent into the physical world of Asiyah.

As it states in the Introduction to Sifra D`Tzniusa (ג  (  “Loh Haveii mashgichin Apin` B` Apin”, meaning “V`dah, Ki Kol  z`man Sh` Ein Zievug  Zachor -V`-Nekeivah:  Nikra Olam Hataho. (“Until the Countenances gained symmetry and balance between their masculine and feminine Countenances, there was chaos in the universe”).

From this we understand that the function of “coupling” is essential in the process of Creation of Olam Ha`Tikkun.

Creating a Revealed World, requires not only that the Six Sefiros of Z`eir Anpin come into expression, but that they be kept in balance and symmetry.

This required Him to use His pre-existing Attributes of Chochma (Reishis), and Bina (Mi), corresponding to `Abba` and Imma’ or `Yud`, and `Hey`.  

Chochma and Binah (Yud and Heh), are referred to as “Alma` D` Eskasia”, (the hidden world), since their creative force remains concealed within the Hidden World.

In contrast, Z`eir Anpin (Vav) and Malchus (the Lower Heh), are referred to as “Alma `D` Esgalia, (the revealed world), since they evolve from the union of this hidden creative force into a state of expression and external revelation.

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