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The Wealth Joseph gathered for the Jewish Nation in Exile

Hey Tevet Parsha’s V` Yigash   תשע’ב

There are several Kabalistic commentaries on the wealth that Joseph accumulated for Pharaoh during the seven-year famine in Egypt.

The original source material is found in the Talmud (Pesachim, page 119 a).

“Gimmel Matmonius hitmin Yosef” (Joseph took the silver and hid it for posterity after dividing it into three portions).

The Talmud then relates that Korach (who led the rebellion against Moses) took the first portion; and Anteninos the Emperor of Rome seized the second portion when he ransacked the Second Temple.

But the Talmud says that the third and final portion remains concealed as a reward, concealed for the righteous.

Both the Alter Rebbe (Torah Ohr, V’Yigash) and the Mitteler Rebbe (Torah`s Chaim), discuss the “Matminim” (Treasure) through a metaphysical prism.

Kabbalists like the Megaleh Amukos (Rabbi Nassan Shapira, Rosh-Yeshiva in Krakow from 1617-1633), and the Ben Ish Chai, (Rabbi Yosef Chaim of Baghdad, 1834-1909) emphasize that Joseph`s “treasure” was not only his material assets but his “Chein” (spelled in Hebrew as    חן (, which is numerically 58. (Noah,  נח which is numerically 58); in whom G-d found favor. When Joseph was sold, and even imprisoned, he continued to find favor in his Master`s eyes).

When “Matminim” is replaced with “Chein”, the resulting Gematria is 58 x 3 = 174.

That is the same Gematria as “Kessef” (silver, =160) plus “Zahav” (gold=14) =174.

To the Ben Ish Chai, when the letters are re-arranged, they form the words “Kiseh` B` Paz”, כסא בפזa formula for wealth.

To the Megaleh Amukos, silver “Kessef” was the currency that Joseph used as a levy to sustain the financial and social stability of Egypt during the famine.

Since Egypt then became tyrannical and the first Super-Power to oppress and persecute the Jewish people, there had to be a subsequent atonement for the suffering it inflicted.

According to the Megaleh Amukos, the Gematria of Kessef is “Eitz” (tree=עצ =160), and the “atonement” was when Joseph`s great-grandson Mordechai had Haman hung from a fifty-, foot tree (עצ =90 plus 70= 160).

Effects of Delayed Molestation Accusations

A study in a close religious community of long-past allegations were seldom verified but led to unwarranted alienation and stigmatization of those accused who were placed on a community watch-list. Second-generational effects were still felt years later without the accusations being substantiated in the majority of cases. Accusers tended to belong to the lower socio-economic spectrum with less income and less social stability compared to those in the accused group and respondents tended to believe that the complaints had ulterior motives.


I conducted a study among 100 respondents living in a religious community which had created a “Watch-List” to identify “pedophiles”.

The stated intention of the Watch-List was to protect the community from potential sexual predators living within the community.

To qualify as a sexual predator required any individual to anonymously identify the predator by filing a complaint up to 10 years following any incident of perceived molestation during summer-camp by older campers.

Accusations of sexual-molestation resulted in 15 men, with a mean age of 26-years appearing on a Public Web-Site referred to as “The Community Watch-List”.

The mean age of the accusers was 24-years. At the time of the study, 40% of the accusers were married compared to 80% of the identified molesters.

The mean income of the accusers was $30 K, while that of the so-called pedophiles was $75 K. While 80% of the cases were brought-up on criminal…

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Effects of Delayed Molestation Accusations

I conducted a study among 100 respondents living in a religious community which had created a “Watch-List” to identify “pedophiles”.

The stated intention of the Watch-List was to protect the community from potential sexual predators living within the community.

To qualify as a sexual predator required any individual to anonymously identify the predator by filing a complaint up to 10 years following any incident of perceived molestation during summer-camp by older campers.

Accusations of sexual-molestation resulted in 15 men, with a mean age of 26-years appearing on a Public Web-Site referred to as “The Community Watch-List”.

The mean age of the accusers was 24-years. At the time of the study, 40% of the accusers were married compared to 80% of the identified molesters.

The mean income of the accusers was $30 K, while that of the so-called pedophiles was $75 K. While 80% of the cases were brought-up on criminal charges, only one ended in a conviction.

But the Psycho-Social consequences to those accused were devastating, including several losing their jobs and income, others being forced out of the community, and at least one suicide.

The most serious consequences to those appearing on the “Watch-List” was the stigmatization of their children who became community scapegoats, suffering from relentless social stigmatization and emotional abuse by their peers.

Of the 100 respondents from the close religious community studied, the predominant sentiment by peer-group observers was that envy and personal failure were the primary motivating factors behind these accusations, based on the inequality of social-standing, rather than actual molestation.

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Where does the NFL draw the line on our First Amendment Rights of Free Expression?

The fundamental right of freedom of expression is not as boundless as the public might imagine. Regulatory Bodies are empowered to define the parameters of acceptable behaviors by their employees on and off the field. These Sporting Bodies provide oversight to the conduct of employees at all levels, ranging from payers to coaches, referees, and even club-managers.

Let`s begin carving-out unrestricted freedom of expression to the workplace in general and to the NFL specifically.

At every level of participation, freedom of expression stretches well-beyond the expectation of ethical behavior.

For instance, employers have the right to take action against an employee who engages in speech or behavior that expresses a political cause offensive to an owner, his sponsors, or fan-base.

There are valid reasons an employer would restrict political speech, such as to assure a productive work site or express opinions contrary to those of management. If an employer permits a hostile work environment, he faces the potential risk of having to pay damages from lawsuits.

According to John Whitehead, President of the Rutherford Institute, “Someone who says anything that an employer or official doesn’t like, and they’re gone.”

In an article published in Bloomberg Business Week on August 3, 2012 titled “The Workplace: Where Free Speech goes to die” the author describes the bottom-line as simple: “Be satisfied with talk at work that doesn’t offend colleagues or anger the boss”. The Constitution doesn`t impose restrictions on private employers “An employee would be well-advised keeping this in mind before shooting off his or her mouth at the workplace.”

Let’s take as an example the case reported both by Fox News (August 12th, 2016)1 as well as The Washington Times (August 13th, 2016) 2.

Critical Op-Eds in both publications expressed common outrage on behalf of supporters being denied the opportunity of galvanizing the grief of their supporters paying tribute to the officers killed in the ambush.

Both publications decried the NFL`s bandenying the Cowboys’ request to wear decals on their helmets during the season honoring the five police officers massacred on July 7th” (by an anti-police sniper at a Black Lives Matter protest).

Following the ban imposed by the NFL, a representative of the team released a statement expressing “regret and disappointment at the decision of the NFL preventing the wearing of the ‘Arm in Arm’ helmet decal as a ‘display of unity’ with the Dallas police”.1

Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshal was fined $10,500 by the NFL for wearing green football shoes in the Oct. 10 game against the New York Giants.

Marshall had said before last Thursday’s game he was wearing the shoes to attract attention to Mental Health Awareness Week.

Following the 9/11 attacks the NFL did not impose fines on players who violated the league`s dress and equipment policy to honor victims, NFL Senior Vice President of Communications Brian McCarthy told USA Today Sports that they shouldn`t read into the leagues failure to punish as a sign of leniency on uniform policy for the future.

USA Today Sports Commentator Lorenzo Reyes commented that “in other words, if Pittsburgh Steelers Running Back DeAngelo Williams again wears eye-black with “Find the Cure” during Breast Cure Awareness Month in honor of his mother who died of Breast Cancer or teammate William Gray wears purple cleats for “Domestic Violence Awareness”, the league would fine them as it did the previous year.3

The NFL responded to these incidents by restating the Policy of the League Office on Uniform and Equipment: “The NFL elaborates that it will not allow players to convey messages which relate to political activities or any other causes, non-football events, campaigns or charitable causes”.

What does the NFL Rule-Book say about the National Anthem?

According to NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy, the policy is one which      has been in place for several years. It falls under the section player equipment, uniforms, and player appearance:

“The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem.

During the National Anthem, players on the field and the bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American Flag is in good condition.

It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country.

Failure to be on the field at the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft-choices for violations of the above, including first offenses.”

One can comfortably draw the following conclusions from the NFL`s code of dress and behavior: The anthem is explicitly incorporated into the book-of-rules that apply to dress and equipment: Under no exception may a player deviate from this code. None of the noble causes described above were considered so exceptional as to fall beyond it`s boundaries:  Whether it was a display of solidarity with slain Police-Officers, Victims of Domestic Abuse, Breast Cancer, or Mental Health, players deviating from the NFL`s Honor-Code were subject to disciplinary action.

Which begs the question: Now that the NFL has decided to throw its time-tested Honor-Code to the dark forces of social discontent, subjugating itself to the anarchy imposed on it by the Deep-State: Is the rest of civil-society expected to join forces with this sinister spiral into moral darkness? Or can we selflessly rally behind the President for our collective honor, and join together for the greater-good ?


2   honoring-fallen-dallas-officers.html 


Robert Mueller to Jury: Name Trump`s crime and I`ll indict him

Robert Mueller oversaw the FBI during its transformation into the “brown-shirts” of the deep-state, a dark secretive organization that participated in the 9/11 bombings, creating the necessary alibi of a “Second Pearl Harbor”. He oversaw the successful attack on America to jolt the country into a sense of shock and collective cry for revenge whereby any means would justify the end. This laid the groundwork for passage of the “Patriot Act” whereby all power would become centralized and unrestrained by the checks and balances set-up by America`s Founding Fathers. Following the election-upset that stripped the leftist leadership of an election rigged to establish leftist dominance over America for perpetuity the Deep-State re-enlisted Mueller as Special Investigator over the newly-elected Donald Trump by a coup disguised as a “Special Investigation” based on trumped-up charges. The charges, over the life of the Investigation would be allowed to define themselves, since there were none. The charges began as a confabulation that Trump, a building magnate all his life was in fact a “Russian Spy”. Failing to find more evidence than a meeting arranged whereby Trump`s son was baited into a meeting with a Russian attorney who specialized in adoptions. Obama had already demonstrated that the civilian population had been sufficiently dumbed-down by a combination of disinformation, vaccination-toxicity and water saturated with Chlorine and Fluoride, that they were ready to run with the false-narratives of “hands up don`t shoot” and “planned-parenthood” whereby movements were spawned based on the population believing that Law-Enforcement Officers under attack were racially-motivated murders and infanticide was the way to protect the rights of parents. The ability of inverted word-meanings and reality-distortions could generate social frenzy, the leftists running the Deep-state were convinced that a sustained assault on the elected President, (despite the rigging of the election to the left with massive voter-fraud), would successfully set the stage to impeach the president on anything. The population had been successfully tested to call for the indictment of a President elected by a record of electoral votes on charges that could be fabricated, or if necessary, not exist at all. Mueller`s role would be to prove that a President had obstructed justice, without requiring factual evidence of their being a legitimate charge. Social engineering at the end would prevail, not logic. A normal society would call the charade for what it was: a coup. A normal society would call for the arrest of Mueller and trial for sedition in a military court. But that normalcy had been stripped from American with the assassination of J.F.K.

Why Congress won`t Repeal Obamacare

Most consumers don`t know about Obamacare`s hidden agenda. When the Patriot Act was passed, we all believed that it was to protect Americans by disrupting or tracking the ways our enemies communicate via social media within our geographic confines. Then we discovered that the surveillance actually was directed towards U.S. Citizens. Later we found that Tea-Party organizations were being targeted by the I.R.S. Did anyone connect the dots ? Obamacare allows the government to have full disclosure of our personal health profiles from the cradle to the grave. When integrating our medical-health records with our age, income, political-affiliation and everything else about our personal profiles, our medical-treatment can be manipulated according to our favorability-scores. Those in government whose loyalties are to the “deep-state” or political-elite, are going to continually sabotage “Repeal and Replace” because it disrupts the central plan of the globalists. The same necessity exists for creating a link between “global-warming” and Carbon-Emissions, with the necessity of stabilizing the population of the planet. These agencies are equally invested in having their hands on the lever of who receives what treatments, based on their cost-productivity, and obedience to a central authority. Just like the I.R.S. was an important tool to stifle the proliferation of Tea-Party organizations, so Obamacare provides central government intimate personal information about your medical needs while correlating them with your level of favorability. That`s a dangerous concept considering the evidence of it already having been used in the I.R.S. scandal. Its the same reason why all the perpetrators got away with it. That is a comment on the intent-factor behind Obamacare. The “benefits-package” was the selling-point. Whether it was affordable, and whether you kept your own physician were irrelevant to the architects of the plan. In similar fashion the emphasis is the “Repeal” component. Anyone understanding a sliver of the implications of its enforcement will now understand the resistance of the Washington swamp in allowing any “Repeal” legislation to be enacted.

With regards to the “Replace” component of Obamacare, its significance is far less critical. Once the country understands that "Universal Health-Care" is nothing more than a euphemism for what really was designed as a "death-certificate", the key to its replacement is keeping it out of the hands of the government. The government has an agenda. And its not about the keeping the population healthy. Whether its the use of Chem-trails, G.M.O.`s, pesticides, Cell-phone towers in urban areas, artificial-light and forced-feeding of the poultry industry, the use of growth-hormone to artificially grow beef, the addition of sub-toxic levels of Chlorine and Fluoride to the water-supply: – it has nothing to do with our well-being, but rather the protection of certain industries, despite their knowledge of their danger to the citizens Congress is betraying.

That`s the reason that government has already disqualified itself in taking charge of our health-care.

Once Congress has been forced by the Citizens to is Repeal  Obamacare, who should be empowered to replace it ? Thats when you bring into the vacuum a budget that Congress and the President can afford. Within that budget we need representatives from all of the industries experienced in health-care. This includes industries dedicated to healthy living habits (disease-prevention), medical educators, I.T. specialists, Community Care Providers, Emergency Intervention Centers, Maternity, experts in Acute and Long-Term Traditional Medical Care, Rehabilitation Centers and a variety of Alternate Care Models. (the latter dramatically reduce the need for expensive treatments and are strongly opposed by the for-profit Health-Care Industry.

All of the above-mentioned components ranging from illness -prevention, healthy-life-habits, and multi-layered treatment, needs to be negotiated and divided between the existing Private Insurance Carriers.

The key to its success is in integrating the above-mentioned components, and keeping government out of the health-care industry.

We also need a regulatory agency to ensure that legislators are not profiting off those industries that make us ill and then create a market for big-pharma.

The dark side of the current entrenchment of government in health-care is that inexpensive breakthroughs in natural holistically-based discoveries about whats making our society sicker is being disrupted by an epidemic of assassinations of the leading physicians in holistic  medicine. None of these have been investigated, adding suspicion to corruption and the resistance at so many levels to change.

But with the Repeal of Obamacare (and the reason for President Trump`s urgency to get this done), non-governmental heath-care providers will have no difficulty in rapidly filling the vacuum with multiple competing inexpensive health-care models. Those in a position to solve the problem are just waiting for government to clear the way.

Did Chabad fulfill the mission of the Arizal (Rabbi Isaac Luria) and the Baal Shem Tov?

The answer to the second part of the question must be “Yes”. The Chabad movement has opened close to a thousand centers throughout the world, including in remote communities devoid of Jews. In the process, they have carried out their mission of portraying a combination of warmth, unfettered hospitality, and education about Judaism`s basic rituals and moral requirements. They do so at enormous personal sacrifice, little outside funding, and overcoming the challenge of gaining access to kosher food, education to their children, and separation from Jewish communal life. The answer to the first part of the question, in my opinion, is a resounding “no”.  Let us draw a parallel between the evolution of the revealed parts of the Torah, and the revival by the Arizal of the Mystical dimensions of Torah. The Revealed part of Torah begins with the Oral Law, (Mishna), its classic style of challenge and debate, (found in the Talmud), the early Codifiers (such as the Rif, Rabbeinu Asher, and Maimonides), finalizing in the 16th Century Jewish Code of Law, authored by Rabbeinu Asher`s son Rabbeinu Yaakov, who compiled the “Arba Turim”, which was later edited and clarified by Rabbi Yosef Caro into the Code of Jewish Law (Shulchan Aruch), regarded as the final authoritative expression of the Oral Law. In contrast, in the mystical dimension of the Torah, manuscripts such as Sifra D`Tzneusa, Sefer Ha’Bahir, and Sefer Yetzirah, would correspond to the Old Testament, the Idres (authored by Shimon Ben Yochai), would correspond to the Mishna, the Zohar to the Talmud (in its Haggadic style),  the Pardes, authored by the Ramak, corresponding to the Tur and the Kisvei Arizal corresponding to the Rambam or the Shulchan Aruch, carrying the undisputed authority of the essentials of the Rashbi, but expressed in Hebrew rather than Aramaic, with the organization of the systems and process built around the concepts of a Universe beginning with a contraction, followed by a thumb-print in the remaining vacuum, being pierced by a rod of light (Kav), then descending through a descent into the lower worlds of Partzufim (Countenances) and Sefiros (the pre-formative elements of intellect and emotion). The task of delivering both the revealed and concealed dimensions carrying the didactic detail of the Ari Ha`Kodesh, but packaged and promoted in the style of joy and song during prayer was commissioned by the Baal Shem Tov`s successor to Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the first Chabad Rebbe. It`s important to note that Rabbi Schneur Zalman was Lithuanian, deriving from generations of Talmudic leadership. His innovative approach was less recognized in the Jewish Intellectual Centers of learning such as Vilna, causing the young prodigy to move with his family to the Ukraine. His style (which perfectly balanced the didactics of the Arizal with the joyful outreach of the BSHT) caught hold like a wildfire among the Jewish peasants in Ukraine and White Russia. In contrast to the challenge facing Rabbi Schneur Zalman, his son, Dov-Ber, now known as the “Mitteler Rebbe”, could focus his writing on the mystical dimensions of ancient Kabbalah, bringing it in detail and elaboration to the scholars of the esoteric. The past century saw a major disruption in learning and teaching of the deep works of the Mitteler Rebbe. The Bolsheviks outlawed the teaching and practice of the teachings of the subsequent Chabad Rebbes. Following the arrest and exile of Rabbi Joseph Isaac Schneursohn in 1927, the Chabad movement in Russia and Ukraine went underground. They were in constant pursuit by the K.G.B. Chabadniks were shot on sight, imprisoned, or sent to Siberia. Few returned. Many were killed by the advancing Germans (hundreds of thousands, – excluded from the 6-million Jews who perished in Concentration Camps.  Yeshivas, ritual Pools (Mikvehs), Kosher wine, Matzah for Passover, Jewish calendars, were destroyed by the Soviets. As the Nazis advanced Eastward, Chabad Hasidim migrated without any material sustenance, until a few hundred survivors made it alive to Shang Hai, China. During this period, there was no contact with their Rebbe, who was himself in flight with his immediate family, arriving in New York in 1940. In summary, from 1917 the Chabad movement of Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and White Russia, was under siege and from 1927 they were without contact with a living Rebbe to teach them. The scholars were decimated and the surviving ones went “underground”. Less than a hundred Chabad families made it to the U.S. by the end of the War, but individuals dribbled out in the 1960`s and 1970`s.  In 1927 the first Chabad Yeshiva was established in Rostov. Most of the movement was in a state of flight, without access to modern methods of information dissemination. This, in my opinion resulted in a depopulation below the critical-mass required to carry the body of esoteric knowledge into the modern era. The proof of that is that the current focus in Chabad Yeshivas is the study of the teachings of the 7th Chabad Rebbe, who Himself understood the material, without a collective holding structure to facilitate the transfer of information from the celestial heights reached by the 7th and final Chabad Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneursohn, down the chain to the rest of us. You cannot run School for Graduate Studies with  only a Dean without faculty. Following the passing of several remaining Elders in the Chabad Community, including his Av Bais Din (Chief of the Rabbinical Court), Rabbi Zalman Shimon Dworkin, Personal Secretary Rabbi Chodokof, and His Brother-in-Law, Rabbi Shemaya Gurari during the early to middle 1980`s, the Rebbe remained essentially isolated. To this day, the community remains leaderless.